Jewel Precure! Twinkling and Sparkling (ジュエル プリキュア! きらめきと輝いている! Jueru Purikyua!  Kirameki to Kagayaku Iru!) is Jewel Precure's opening song made by CureKanade. The opening goes for about 1 minute and 30 seconds.


Kanji Romaji English

Kōtaku no aru hōseki no kirameki to kagayaku

Niji no subete no iro...

Jueru Purikyua!


Twinkling and sparkling shiny jewels

All the colours of the rainbow…

Jewel Precure!

Sekai no subete no hōseki

Minna no kokoro o toraeru (Yei!)

Karera wa nichijō no kagayaki

Purikyua to (Yei! Yei! Yei Yei Yei Yei!)

Every Gem in the world

Capture everyone’s heart (Yay!)

They shine everyday

With Pretty Cure! (Yay! Yay! Yay Yay Yay Yay!)

Naki suru hitsuyō wa arimasen

Anata no kokoro ni kagayaku hōseki de!

(Kyua Rubi! Yei!)

Sate, anata wa aruki tsuzukeru

Anata no kokoro no naka de kagayaku hōseki ga aru koto mo shiranai de

(Puri…Kyua! Go!)

There’s no need to cry

With sparkling gems in your heart!

(Cure Ruby! Yay!)

Well, you keep on walking

Not realizing that there is a sparkling gem in your heart

(Pretty….Cure! Go!)

Kirakira to kagayaku (Hai!) Kōtaku no aru hōseki (Yei!)

Sore wa karera ga aisuru hitobito ni kuru toki, karera wa akiramete wa ikenai (Kyun!)

Kirameku kōtaku no aru hōseki (Hoorai!)

Niji no subete no iro…

Jueru Purikyua!

(Yei! Hai! Go!)

Twinkling and sparkling (Yes!) shiny jewels (Yay!)

They don’t give up when it comes to people they love (Kyun!)

Sparkling shiny gems (Hooray!)

All the colours of the rainbow…

Are Jewel Precure!

(Yay! Yes! Go!)

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