Jewel Pod ( ジュエルポッド Jueru Poddo) are the transformation device that looks like a DS. They are used for transformations and to summon the attack weapon. They appear in Jewel Precure! and without their Jewel Pod they will not be able to transform let alone summon their attack weapon. Their are six Jewel Pods in the Cure's theme colours.


They look like DS's with a stylis and they come in the Cure's theme colour.


The powers are transformation and summon an attack weapon. What you say to transform is Pretty Cure Jewel Heart Open and then the transformation starts. After you say the phrase you then have to spell out the word JEWEL on the bottom touch screen.

The screens on the Jewel Pod are used for two thing. Number 1: The top screen is used to comunicate with the other Cure's if you are lost, battling etc. Number 2: There are two things for the bottom screen 1* You use the bottom screen to transform and spell the word J-E-W-E-L on it. 2* You touch the bottom screen when transformed again, to summon the Weapon by spelling out your power.

To summon the attack weapon, the Jewel Batons, you have to spell (for example Fire for Cure Ruby) F-I-R-E and then Cure Ruby's Fire Baton appears.


  • This is the second transformation device that you have to spell something on it. The first was Cure Lovie from  Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.
    • This is the first season that to summon your attack weapon that you have to use your transformation device to summon it and by doing that you have to spell your power out on the screen.
  • This is the first time that a transformation device has two screens.

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