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This is the list of episodes for Into the Future! Pretty Cure. (This will be updated)

Episode # Title Villains Air Date
01 Todoke! Kyua Purezento ga tanjō!!
"Deliver! Cure Present is born!!"
Gary 2015-02-02
02 Kagayake! Mirai wa Kyua Fyuchā ni narimasu!
"Sparkle! Mirai becomes Cure Future!"
Gary 2015-02-09
03 Uchū de mottomo furui jikan, Kyua Past! Runa mo Purikyua wa?
"The oldest time in the universe, Cure Past! Luna's a Cure too?"
Black 2015-02-16
04 Kirameku! Mirai e! Purikyua
"Shine! Into the Future! Pretty Cure"
Black 2015-02-23
05 Shokku! Mirai no jinsei no monogatari
"Shock! Mirai's life story"
Sheila ?
06 Mirai to Runa no tatakai
"Mirai and Luna's fight"
Sheila ?
07 Ichibushijū
"The Whole Story"
Sheila ?
08 Himitsu no taiho
"Secret Busted"
Gary, Black ?

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