Inochi Modosu is a girl who loves playing video games and browsing the internet. She is one of the main cures in Pretty Cure Phoenix Prisms!Her alter ego is Cure Life. 


Inochi loves playing games and chatting in the internet. She has two little sisters named Ai and Asami, and a little brother named Daichi. She owns a large amount of game collcetions. She also owns a Wii, Nintendo DS and 3DS, and a PSP. When she is talking with the other cures, she awlays using a refrence to a game, which makes some of the cures confused. She has a habit of saying:'My game isn't over yet!I choose to continue!'


Inochi's hair is dirty blonde,tied up into a bun. Her eyes are yellow.Her shirt is white with a picture of a video game character on it. She wears long jeans, one side is rolled up and the other is not.Her shoes are black.

As Cure Life, her hair is now longer.. Her top is the same as Cure Meteorite's, but light orange. Her bow and her belt is orange, and her belt has a white heart. Her boots are orange with orange hearts on it.


Before the series

Inochi is a childhood friend of Inseki Hoshino.They first met at the opening of a bookstore that Inochi's mother (Yomigae Modosu) runs. They became good friends because they both want to be super heroes. Inseki goes to the same school as Inochi until the fifth grade. After the fifth grade, Inochi have to move because of her father's work. But at 2nd grade middle school, Inochi moves back to Shiranami and goes to the same school with Inseki. Both of them still remember each other, so they sit next to each other.


Inseki Hoshino- Inseki is Inochi's Pretty Cure partner. They were best friends when they were little and still best friends until Inochi moves back.

Soul-is Inochi's transformation mascot.

Konomi Hoshikuzu, Kiseki Aguri, Cho Hisakawa and Ellie Kagome-Are the rest of the cures. Everytime Inochi talks to them, she always refrence a game. This makes some of the cures confused, exept for Inseki because she has been her freind for years.

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