Imadoki Genko
今時 現行
Imadoki Genko
Personal Information
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorPinkish-brown
Home PlaceKioku Town
RelativesUnnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Imadoki Minato (little brother)
Alter EgoCure Modern
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure! Repeat!
First AppearancePCR01


Genko has short light brown hair which she wears in tiny pigtails, tied up with dark pink ribbons. She likes to dress in flippy skirts, knee-socks, and graphic tees.


Genko is cheerful and kind, and she's incredibly thoughtful. She just has a way of reading people that helps her solve their problems. She isn't very clumsy, but she hates going into dark places. (she has a small fear of the dark). She isn't the best at studying, but she's not horrible either. She loves helping take care of her 3 1/2 year old brother, Minato.


Cure Modern




Chrono Arrow
Cure Modern's special weapon is an arrow made of pure energy. She can either fire a single powerful arrow from her fingertips, or she can create a large array of weaker arrows to fire in any way she wants.


Power Ups

Character Songs


Clio Mitsotakis

Patrizia di Mezzo

Rachel Anderson

Sakae Miku


今時 (Imadoki) - means these days

現行 (Genko) - means current


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