Ikkakujuai Sakura
Ikkakujū Sakura
SeasonTrue Fairy♥Pretty Cure!
Eye Colorblue (Sakura)

pink (Cure Unicorn & Unicorn Asha)

Hair Colorblonde (Sakura)

white (Cure Unicorn & Unicorn Asha)

First AppearanceTFPC01
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Unicorn
Unicorn Asha
Theme Colorwhite (main)

pink (sub)

Ikkakujuai Sakura is one of the main Cures from True Fairy♥Pretty Cure!. Sakura is a young student from Teishoku Middle School who likes reading. She really loves fairytales and appears to be a little childish. Like her friends, Sakura joined the Art Club at their school. Her alter ego is Cure Unicorn (キュアユニコーン Kyua Yunikōn) and her power is related to trust. Later, she becomes Unicorn Asha (ユニコーンアーシャ Yunikōn Āsha) a stronger version of Cure Unicorn.



Sakura is a young student from Teishoku Middle School who likes reading. She really loves fairytales and appears to be a little childisch.



Ikkakujuai Faith - Sakura's mother

Ikkakujuai Yori - Sakura's father

Ikkakujuai Zita - Sakura's little sister

Cure Unicorn

Enjoying every minute of life! Soul of Trust! Cure Unicorn!
Jinsei no maifun o tanoshinde! Shinrai no tamashī! Kyua Yunikōn!

Cure Unicorn (キュアユニコーン Kyua Yunikōn) is Sakura's pretty Cure alter ego. Her power is related to trust. As Cure Unicorn, Sakura acts more serios but is still a bit childish. Alone, Cure Unicorn can perform Unicorn Dance and Trust for Tomorrow.
Later, after geting her UltraUnicorn Bow, she can perform Ultra Unicorn Charge.


Unicorn Dance -

Trust for Tomorrow -

Ultra Unicorn Charge -

Unicorn Asha

Ultra power of the soul of trust! The golden Shining Light! Unicorn Asha
Shinrai no tamashī no chō pawā! Shinrai no tamashī! Yunikōn Āsha!

Unicorn Asha (ユニコーンアーシャ Yunikōn Āsha) is Sakura's second alter ego. Like Cure Unicorn, she has powers of trust. Unicorn Asha is a stronger version of Cure Unicorn. As Unicorn Asha , she can use the attack Golden Soul ~ Flying.


Golden Soul ~ Flying -


"Magical Pretty Cure Heart Upgrade!" - Magical Pretty Cure Heart Upgrade is the official transformation speech used by Ikkakujuai Sakura to transform into Cure Unicorn in True Fairy♥Pretty Cure!.


Ikkakujuai (一角獣愛) - Ikkakuju (一角獣) means Unicorn, a reference to her alter ego as Cure Unicorn and her second alter ego Unicorn Asha. Ai (愛) means love.

Sakura (さくら) - The name Sakura comes from Japanese 桜 "cherry blossom", though it is often written さくら using the hiragana writing system. It can also come from Saku (咲) "blossom" and Ra (良) "good".




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