This is a list of episodes for Idol Panic! Pretty Cure.

Episode # Title Villain Song(s) Air Date
01 Mahō shōjo to gūzō? Watashi wa sorera no izureka ni suru koto wa dekimasen!
"A magical girl and an idol? I can't be either of them!"
Namida Wish Upon a Star 2013-12-20
When Uta meets Star and Sound at a karaoke club, she is told that they came from Pulsation Kingdom and that they have to find the Bright Pieces before Sadness. Uta doesn't know what their talking about but says she'll help them which shocks the cats since they were told not to get original humans into the trouble. When Uta comes face to face with a rubbish bin Kanashimi on the way to school, she transforms into Cure Popstar with the help of Star. She protects the students who are walking to school and tries to get the monster away from the school grounds. She gives up and is told by Star to summon her Cure Phone and that it would do the rest. Cure Popstar does as she is told and summons the Cure Phone and sings Wish Upon a Star, which paralyzes the Kanashimi and Cure Popstar quickly purifies the Kanashimi with her attack, Singing Pulse.
02 Yūjin nashidesu ka? Watashi wa anata no yūjin ni narudeshou!
"No friends? I'll be your friend!"
Namida Wish Upon a Star 2013-12-27
A week after Uta's first battle as Cure Popstar, she tells Sound that she is lonely and has no friends. Sound asks why and she tells him she has no idea why. Star finds out and decides that she will be Uta's best friend. When Uta is having a bath, Star hears her singing to herself and looks into the room to find that she forgot her towel. She walks in to give Uta her towel and is yelled at to get out of the room. When Uta is trying to get to sleep, Star sings her to sleep and successfully she does. The next day, Star sneaks into Uta's bag and while Uta is walking to school she notices that no one is walking close to her. That afternoon, a radio Kanashimi attacks the town. Uta quickly transforms behind a rubbish bin and attacks the Kanashimi from behind. She quickly runs to its side and punches it and it smashes into the radio tower. Cure Popstar summons her Cure Phone but is hurt by the radio waves. She gets to her feet and starts singing, stopping the Kanashimi in its tracks. Cure Popstar uses her attack to purify it. She detransforms and tells Star that she is sorry for yelling at her the night before. Star smiles and accepts the apology.
03 Ōnō! Kyua Poppusutā wa dorobō to gonin sa reru!
"Oh No! Cure Popstar is mistaken as a thief!"
Namida Wish Upon a Star 2014-01-03
Cure Popstar has just defeated a picture Kanashimi and the picture floated back into her hands when a guard mistakes her as thief and Cure Popstar drops the picture in shock and runs for it. The next day, Uta is told by Star and Sound that she shouldn't have ran away after the guard saw her. Uta walks down stairs to see on the front page of the newspaper was written: Mysterious Theif! Find Her and a Reward is Given! Uta quickly walks past her father and grabs a piece of toast and runs to school. That night there is another Kanashimi and this time, it is a Jewel Kanashimi. Uta transforms and attacks the Kanashimi and is about to start singing when she hears someone say "I found the thief!". Cure Popstar keeps singing and paralyzes the monster but just as soon as she is about to use her attack, guards surround her and shine their lights on her. She tells them she is a magical girl who protects the town and is trying to defeat the monster, that they let her defeat the Kanashimi. She tells the guards that last night she got into a huge fright of being seen by a guard that she ran off so no one would know that a magical girl was protecting the town. The guard let her off and she detransforms and goes back to sleep in her warm bed.