Idol Panic! Pretty Cure
アイドル パニック!プリキュア
Aidoru Panikku! Purikyua
General Information
DirectorCure Mystery
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunDecember, 2013 - ongoing
Opening SongLets Go! Idol Pretty Cure!
Ending SongPlease me. Please you.
Series Info
Idol Panic! Pretty Cure (アイドル パニック!プリキュア Aidoru Panikku! Purikyua?) is the first series created by Cure Mystery. It goes back to the days of when there were only two girls who transformed into Pretty Cure. There is going to be a lot of changes and the themes for the show are idols, wanting to be wanted and feelings.


Idol Panic! Pretty Cure Episodes
When Suzune Uta, a fifteen year old girl who is going through a tough time, meets the two cat-like fairies, Star and Sound, her life takes a giant new turn! She helps the cats find the Bright Pieces and transforms into Cure Popstar, one of the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure. On the way, she meets Shunsoku Chieri, who becomes Cure Celebrity, and through their disagreements, they are able to battle Sadness with their songs and found the Bright Pieces. But sometimes, life doesn't go as the girl's wish it would...


Pretty Cure

Suzune Uta (鈴音 うた Suzune Uta?) is a fifteen year old girl who has no friends what so ever. She is ignored by everyone she talks to at school and the only people who don't ignore her are the adults. Uta has a beautiful singing voice and is a huge fan of Shunsoku Chieri, the popular idol. She dreams of meeting Chieri in person and is shocked to find that she is her Pretty Cure partner and that she hates her. As Cure Popstar (キュア ポップスター Kyua Poppusutā?), Uta's theme colour is pink and her battle song is  called Wish Upon a Star.

Shunsoku Chieri (俊則 ちえり Shunsoku Chieri?) is a famous fifteen year old idol who is really popular with both boys and girls. She practices really hard for her fan that sometimes she doesn't get enough rest. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother while her father lives on an island near Japan. She is a very good cook and became a Pretty Cure in Episode 10 after wanting to save her fans. As Cure Celebrity (キュア セレブリティ Kyua Sereburiti?), Chieri's theme colour is red and her battle song is called Time's Up!.


Star (スター Sutā?) is Uta's mascot partner. She is a lively cat-like fairy who is a bit of a klutz. She becomes Uta's first best friend and enjoys singing her to sleep. Star ends her sentences with "~yume".

Sound (サウンド Saundo?) is Chieri's mascot partner. He is a calm, serious cat-like fairy who hates everyone in the town, including Chieri at first, since they all disrespect Uta. Sound ends his sentences with "~hoshi".


Namida (ナミダ Namida?) is the first commander of Sadness to appear. She dies in Episode 15, letting Amaya take her place.

Amaya (アマヤ Amaya?) is the second commander of Sadness to appear. She in Episode 24, letting Kagemu take her place.

Kagemu (カゲム Kagemu?) is the third commander of Sadness to appear. He dies in Episode 34, letting Shizumi take his place.

Shizumi (シズミ Shizumi?) is the final commander of Sadness to appear. She dies in the finale along with Shizuka.

Shizuka (シズカ Shizuka?) is the right hand man for Lady Reiko. She appears from time to time to help the commanders and is usually the one to send a letter that says their time is up.

Lady Reiko (レディ レイコ Redi Reiko?) is the leader of Sadness. She wants to take all happiness out of the universe and sends her commanders to find the Bright Pieces so she can use the Happiness Jewel and turn it into the Sadness Jewel, where it will destroy all happiness in the universe.

Kanashimi (カナシミ Kanashimi?) is the monster of Sadness.



PrePod (プリポッド PuriPoddo?) is the transformation device used by Uta and Chieri.

CureCard (キュアカード KyuaKādo?) is the card-like object the girls use to help them transform.

Cure Phone (キュア フォン Kyua Fon?) is the mircophone-like device the girls use to help them make the Kanashimi hear their song and paralyze them a whole lot easier.

Happiness Jewel (ハピネス ジュエル Hapinesu Jueru?) is the legendary jewel that gives the world happy everyday through music. It scattered itself into the Bright Pieces after Sadness tried to get their hands on it. If Sadness does get their hands on it, it will become the Sadness Jewel (悲しみ ジュエル Kanashimi Jueru?).

Bright Pieces (ブライト ピース Buraito Pīsu?) is the scattered pieces of the Happiness Jewel. There are twenty to collect and are kept in the Bright Box.

Bright Box (ブライト ボックス Buraito Bokkusu?) is the box that keeps the Bight Pieces safe.


  • This is the first Pretty Cure season to have a duo who don't transform together.
    • This is the third Pretty Cure season to have a duo in it.
  • This is Cure Mystery's first Pretty Cure series.

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