Idol Katsudou Precure is fashion,idols and music-themed season. It has 19 Cures (including Secret Cure). They transform with phrase "Precure! Idol Makeover!".

Opening 1 : "Starlight future"

Opening 2 : "Our chance! Wow! Idol Katsudou Precure!"

Ending 1 : "Du-du-wa do it!"

Ending 2 : "Wake up, Akari!"


Ichigo Hoshimiya - Cure Angely Sugar

She is a pretty and friendly girl with yellow hair and dark red eyes. Her best friend is Kiria Aoi. She likes singing and going to the cafe. Her alter ego is Cure Angely Sugar,her power is love,she has pink as theme colour.


Kiria Aoi - Cure Future Girl

She is very clever and knows everything about idols. She has dark blue hair and blue eyes. She became a Cure with Ichigo,but they don't transform together. Her alter ego is Cure Future Girl,her power is crystals,she has blue main colour.


Otome Arisugawa - Cure Happy Rainbow

She is funny and cute and she loves everything! Her catchphrase is "Love it!". She has orange hair and brown eyes. Her alter ego is Cure Happy Rainbow,her power is fruit,her main colour is orange.

Aikatsu otome pose

Ran Shibuki - Cure Spicy Ageha

She is an idol and top model. Earlier,she didn't like Ichigo,Kiria and Otome,but they helped her to became a Cure, and they became best friends. Her alter ego is Cure Spicy Ageha,her power is butterflies,she has purple as main colour.


Yurika Todo - Cure Loli Gothic

She always wears black clothes,takes an umbrella with her,and likes garlic and tomato juice very much. She has blond hair and turquoise eyes. Her alter ego is Cure Loli Gothic,her power is sky, she has black as main colour.

Basic outfit

Sakura Kitaoji - Cure Aurora Fantasy

She is shy and kind. She likes old japanese stories and plays in Kitaoji Theater. She has light pink hair and green eyes. Her alter ego is Cure Aurora Fantasy,her power is flowers, she has green theme colour.

Sakura Kitaoji-0

Mizuki Kanzaki - Cure Love Queen

She is older than other Cures,she became a Cure before the serial started. She has violet hair and eyes. Her alter ego is Cure Love Queen,her power is moon, she has red as theme colour.


Seira Otoshiro - Cure Swing Rock

She loves rock music and cats,she has played musical instruments since she was a child. She has dark pink hair and brown eyes. She became a Cure with Kim Saegusa, but they don't transform together. Her alter ego is Cure Swing Rock,her power is music and she has maroon as main colour.


Kim Saegusa - Cure Toy Magical

She is only girl in Idol Katsudou Precure, who wears glasses in civilian form. Her hobby is surfing the Internet. She has curly yellow hair and blue eyes. Her alter ego is Cure Toy Magical,her power is rainbow and main colour is lime.

58 60

Sora Kazusawa - Cure Bohemian Sky

In childhood she lived in India. She is an idol and designer. She met Seira and they became friends. She has blue hair and pink eyes. Her alter ego is Cure Bohemian Sky,her power is water and theme colour is blue.


Maria Himesato - Cure Fantasy Aurora

She is Sora's best friend and a top model. She lives in mountains with her family and sheep. She has caramel hair and dark purple eyes. Her alter ego is Cure Fantasy Aurora,her power is trees,her main colour is orange.

螢幕快照 2014-03-06 下午06.19.17

Akari Ozora - Cure Dreamy Crown

She is a huge fan of Ichigo Hoshimiya. When she knew that Ichigo is Cure Angely Sugar,she wanted to be a Cure too! But she became a Cure only when she found herself. Her alter ego is Cure Dreamy Crown,her power is dream and peach main colour.


Sumire Hikami - Cure Gothic Lolita

She is a very kind,polite and beautiful girl with purple hair and eyes. She is Akari's roommate. Her alter ego is Cure Gothic Lolita,her power is hope and her main colour is indigo blue.


Hinaki Shinjo - Cure Kiss Lips

She is very fashionable girl and enjoys being so. She is a pop-type idol. She has short yellow hair and green eyes. Her alter ego is Cure Kiss Lips,her power is braveness and her main colour is light green.


Kaede Ichinosa - Cure Magical Toy

She works in sushi shop inAmerica called "Kaede Sushi" and is a part of popular idol show "Kids' club". She has short dark red hair and red eyes. Her alter ego is Cure Magical Toy,her power is happiness and her theme colour is dark orange.

Clown Car

Miyami Fujiwara - Cure Sakurairo Kaden

Miyami is a serious and calm girl. She doesn't like when someone calls her cute. She has wavy brown hair and dark blue eyes. Her alter ego is Cure Sakurairo Kaden,her power is earth and her theme colour is violet.


Juri Kurebayashi - Cure Sangria Rosa

Juri and Hinaki were childhood friends. But when they became idols,Juri couldn't remember Hinaki. Juri has red wavy hair and purple eyes. Her alter ego is Cure Sangria Rosa,she has power of roses and cherry is her theme colour.


Mikuru Natsuki - Cure Vivid Kiss

Mikuru is a sweet girl who is very energetic and well-meaning. She is very bright and loves flowers. She has blond hair and orange eyes. Her alter ego is Cure Vivid Kiss, her power is sun and yellow is her main colour.


Hikari Minowa - secret Cure

Hikari always thinks that she is the best idol,better than Mizuki. She is calm and very serious about her work. She has purple hair and maroon-coloured eyes. She has power of stars and purple is her theme colour.



Strawberry. Looks like a pink bear with blue bows. Ends phrases with "beri".

Icy. Looks like a blue parrot. Ends phrases with "lasi".

Hanami. Looks like a white kitten with red stripes. Ends phrases with "nami".

Melodies. Look like notes. Cures can catch them with Melody Catcher.1 catched Melody gives a coord to Cure catched it.


Idol Mycrophone. Cures use it to sing.

Idol Cards. Cures use them to transform.

Ran cards

IdolLine. Cures's telephone.


Melody Catcher. Cures use it to catch Melodies. There can be 20 Melodies in one Catcher.

Melody Palette. If there are 20 Melodies in Catcher or all Melodies are catched,Cures need to put them in Palette.

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