A second Cure!? Cure Vanilla the cooking queen is born! is the second made-up 'episode' for the fan fiction Ice-Cream Precure! which was created by CureKanade

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Ichigo is telling Chips and Cookie to stay at home and cause no mischief, but when Ichigo turns around to tidy her hair, the fairies fly into her bag. On the way to school Ichigo smells something nice and follows the scent. The smell ends up in the cooking room, where her best friend Nira is making three cupcakes with vanilla icing on top. She then notices Keiko sitting beside Nira looking at the cupcakes, not even bothering to look up at Ichigo when she says hi. Nira then says that the cupcakes are for the three of them but not right now, they were for lunch which Ichigo and Keiko start whining for them now.

At lunch Ichigo and Keiko were happily waiting for Nira to come from from her Art class, when they heard a loud scream. Chips burst out of the bag to say it was an Atsui, when Ichigo was already running behind a tree and transforming into Cure Strawberry. Cure Strawberry then jumped from building to building when she finally got to the place where the scream came from. She saw Nira on her knees moving quickly away. Ichigo jumped down from the building to attack the Cupcake Atsui but it was too strong, and Cure Strawberry flew backwards into a classroom. Nira sat there looking at Cure Strawberry and watched her get back up but fall back down. Nira whispered that she had to help her, then a whitish light surrounded her body and Cookie appeared and said that she was a Pretty Cure and another Cure Flavour appeared and she said the phrase before Cookie could tell her what it was.

Nira now stood as Cure Vanilla, ran in front of Cure Strawberry just in time to block the blow with her own hands. She kicked the Cupcake Atsui and used her attack Vanilla Stirring. Cure Vanilla walked up to Cure Strawberry to see her untransform into Ichigo who sat there smiling and asking for a cupcake. When Nira and Ichigo were about to eat their cupcake the bell rang, and Ichigo fell to her knees and started crying over not being able to eat her cupcake while Keiko and Nira bursted out laughing.


Strawberry Healing- Cure Strawberry's attack and it failed for the first time.

Vanilla Stirring- An attack Cure Vannilla uses for the first time.

Major Events

  • Nira became Cure Vanilla for the first time.
  • Cure Vanilla used Vanilla Stirring for the first time.
  • Cure Strawberry's attack failed.


  • This is the second time that an attack failed on a Cure. The first was Cure Happy from Smile Pretty Cure!