What? Cure Chocolate is born on the running track! is the third made-up 'episode' for the fan fiction Ice-Cream Precure! which was created by CureKanade.

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Vanilla Stirring- Cure Vanilla uses the attack but the Gun Atsui dodges it.

Hot Chocolate- An attack that Cure Chocolate uses for the first time and purifies the Gun Atsui.

Major Events

  • Keiko becomes Cure Chocolate for the first time.
  • Cure Chocolate uses Hot Chocolate for the first time.
  • Vanilla Stirring gets dodges for the first time.


  • This is the first a time a cure is born on a running track while running a race.
  • This is the second episode when a friend finds out that her friends are Pretty Cure. The first is Doki Doki Pretty Cure Episode 3.


  • Ichigo Iyashi/Cure Strawberry
  • Nira
  • Keiko
  • Chips
  • Cookie
  • Fudge
  • Running Track Coach