This is a list of episodes for Ice-Cream Precure!

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Uh? I became a Pretty Cure? CureStrawberry is born! Fudge ???
Two mysterious twin cures try and protect Aisukurimu from Atsuigyunyu but are defeated. They are sent to Earth with four mascots. Ichigo meets Chips and Cookie and a monster appears causing Ichigo to run away. Chips makes the transformation device, Cure Flavour, appear, and makes Ichigo become Cure Strawberry. Cure Strawberry defeats the monster and gets home late. Ichigo goes to bed with no food because of Chips and Cookie.
02 A second Cure!? Cure Vanilla the cooking queen is born! Fudge ???
Ichigo tells Chips and Cookie to stay at home but they sneak into her bag. Ichigo smells Nira's cooking and goes to the cooking room to find Keiko watching Nira. Ichigo and Keiko wait for Nira to come back from her class but they hear scream. Ichigo transforms into Cure Strawberry and goes to where the scream came from. Cure Strawberry attacks the monster but is defeated. Nira becomes Cure Vanilla become of her wish to save Cure Strawberry. Cure Vanilla defeated the Atsui and finds out that Cure Strawberry is Ichigo. Ichigo got her cupcake but the bell rang making Ichigo fall her knees crying while her friends laughed.
03 What? Cure Chocolate is born on the running track! Fudge ???
04 Chip and Cookie can turn into humans? Fudge ???
05  Ichigo's twin sister Kiki has arrived! Fudge ???
06 The youngest cure is born! Cure Banana is here! Fudge ???
07 Ichigo gets her own phone! Phone lines are disconected?! Fudge ???
08 The new enemy appears. Melt is on the scene! Melt ???
09 The beautiful idol is a Pretty Cure?! Melt
10 Hikari loves to cook? Hikari joins the cooking club. Melt ???
11 Oh no! A cooking contest already! Hikari in a pinch! Fudge ???
12 Of to a farm we go! Cure Rasberry Ripple is born! Melt ???
13  Uhhh. Two mysterious cures arrive! Melt
14 Yay! An Ice-Cream contest! Two mysterious kids arrive! Fudge ???
15 The two Mysterious kids revealed! They're Mascots too! Nut ???
16 Uh Oh...Beware of Ice's temper. Melt ???
17 Oh no! Ice has ran away! Melt ???
18 Huh? Cure Blue Heaven and Honeycomb decide to join the team?! Fudge ???
19 Mizuki and Niji's story. Fudge ???
20 Hooray! Of to Aisukurimu Everybody! Ichigo's magic. Nut ???
21  Ice is the heir to the throne? Princess Cream appears. Fudge ???
22 Ice and Cream are sisters? The fight between the princesses. Melt ???
23 Farewell Aisukurimu. Back to Kurimu we go! Nut ???
24 Niji's love of skateboarding! Niji vs Nut. Nut ???
25  What? Princess Cream appears in Kurimu?! Nut
26 My new power! Mizuki's student council election! Melt ???
27 Why doesn't my set up dates work? Cure Raspberry Ripple's new power! Nut ???
28 Yuki's concert! Protect the audience Yuki!  Fudge ???
29 Practicing for the race! Keiko's love for sport. Nut ???
30 The strongest villain out of the quartet appears! Liquorice ???
31  Ahhhh! Nira stuffs up in the cooking competition! Melt ???
32 What's happening! The sweets have turned into dirt! Cure Strawberry's new attack! Liquorice ???