Ibuki Utau
Ibuki Utau
Ibuki Utau
Personal Information
Hair ColorOrange (Utau)

Light Orange (Cure Music)

Eye ColorOrange (Utau)

Light Orange (Cure Music)

Alter EgoCure Music
Theme ColorOrange
Anime Information
SeasonLifestyle Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceLsPC01
Ibuki Utau is one of the Cures in Lifestyle Pretty Cure!. She is the vocalist of the school band. Her alter ego is Cure Music (キュアミュージック Kyua Myūjikku) and her standard signature color is orange.


As Ibuki Utau, she has long wavy orange hair, styled into a ponytail secured by braids. Her eyes color is orange.


Utau is really good at music, and she has a perfect pitch. She always looks perfect in stages, but actually she is very shy and not good at making friends.

Cure Music

"Orange! The second light of the rainbow, Cure Music!"


Orenji! Niji no daini no hikari, Kyua Myūjikku!

Cure Music (キュアミュージック Kyua Myūjikku) is Cure Utau transforms into. Cure Music has the power of music. Her main purification attack is Music Beautiful Tone.


Music Beautiful Tone - Cure Music first says "pretty cure!" then orange sparkles begin to gathers on her right hand and become a solid form which is look like a takt. After that, she swing the takt and shout "music beautiful tone!" then release a bunch of music note to the enemy.


Ibuki (息吹) - Ibuki (息吹) mean "breath", this refers to Utau as a singer who require a deep breath to sing.

Utau (歌う) - Utau (歌う) means "sing", it's refers to Cure Music role as Cure who has the power of music.


  • She is the second full orange-themed Cure


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