iDOL☆STARS Pretty Cure!(アイドル☆スタークプリキュア! Aidoru☆Sutāsu Purikyua!) is Cure48's 8th series , the theme is about music and japanese idol.


List of iDOL☆STARS Pretty Cure! Episodes
The story begin when Pretty cure is very popular in Fantasy Town, everyone is want to be pretty cure. One day, a monster named Zaikaina attacked Fantasy Town because they like pretty cure. a girl named Kanon Takahashi can't that is happend to much, Kanon and Yuki meet a mysterious young boy named Suzuki Arata gie her power to transfrom become cure celebrity


Pretty Cure

Takahashi Kanon
kanon is 15 years old middle school student, sh is very cheerful and friendly girl. She very popular in her school, Kanon has a long pink hair, but in the fact she is also shy and quit girl because her boobs. kanon have a bstfriend named Kiriya Yuki and she have a older brother named Takahashi Seiji. She have a black cat named kuro and she always bring her cat everywhere. She become cure celebriy in episode 1 , and she introduction her self " smile can make people happy, cure celebrity! "

Kiriya Yuki
yuki is Kanon bestfriend, she very good at sprot, her father open a kendo lesson in Kiriya home, She also popular at her school same as Kanon. yuki very good at flower arranging , and japanese traditional dance. She has a future to become popular japanese traditional dancer in japan. Later, she become cure dance in episode 1 with Kanon and she introduction her self " a wonderful style with a music, cure dance! ".

Rainbow Valley

rain is a main mascot in this series and she is Kanon partner

He is a friend of Rain, he is Yuki partner

Valley / Suzuki Arata She is the older son, he is a only mascot who can transfrom into huma. He fall in love with Kanon, he find it when Kanon hangout with Kazuki.

Famous Queen
She is a leader of Rainbow Valley and she is a mother of Rain, Bow, and Valley.

Dark Valley

Miyuki - Miyuki is a first enemy who attacked the cures.

Haruka - The second enemy, she have a twin named Haruto

Haruto- The last enemy , Mask is a only boy enemy. He is twin brother of Haruka.

Crown- he is the leader dark valley, he is is very dangerous.

Zaikaina - A monster from Dark Valley


Magic Mirror - The transformation device.