Scarlett should look something like this.

Hoshizora Scarlett is lead cure from Rainbow Power Pretty Cure. 

Story and Personality

Scarlett is 14 years old girl. She goes to Rainbow Tale Middle school. She is usually happy and people around her can't be sad for too long time. She find friends very fast and people can't help but like her, because she is happy, funny girl. She cares fore her friends very much and always help them.

One day after school, Scarlett was walking home when she saw a strange light. She wanted to know what is this and ran there. She saw a cat and it suddenly started talking. Scarlett was sumprised and she asked how can she talk. The cat remembered that she can't talk when humans are watching her so she ran away. Scralett was sad because she wanted to know more about the talking cat. She went home. The next day on the way to school, she saw cat again and ran after her. The cat stoped and looked at her and asked her what's her. name. She found out that cat name is Sunny. The cat remembered that she can't talk with humans again and ran away again but suddenly BlackMonster appear. It attacked Sunny and she started to run. She was saved by Scarlett. After that suddenly the Color Box appear and Scarlett transformed in Cure Ruby.

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