Hoshiyama Umeko
Hoshiyama Umeko and Cure Starlight
星山 うめこ
Hoshiyama Umeko
Personal Information
Birthday DateOctober 9
Hair ColorBrown (Umeko)

Blonde (Starlight

Eye ColorMagenta (Umeko)

Light Blue (Starlight)

Alter EgoCure Starlight
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonInto the Light! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceITLPC01
Hoshiyama Umeko (星山 うめこ Hoshiyama Umeko?) is the main character of Into the Light! Pretty Cure. She is a fourteen year old girl who is always cheerful. Umeko's alter ego is Cure Starlight (キュア スターライト Kyua Sutāraito?), and her catchphrase is Let's go! (行こう! Ikou!?).



Umeko is a popular fourteen year old girl who attends Amanokawa Public Middle School. She is a girl who is looked up by everyone in the school and loves to sing and dance.



Cure Starlight


Hoshiyama (星山) - Hoshi (星) means "star" which is probably referenced towards her powers and Cure name, Cure Starlight. Yama (山) means "mountain".

Umeko (うめこ) - Umeko (梅子) means "Plum Blossom Child".


  • Umeko is the third lead Cure to have blonde hair in Cure form.
    • She is the ninth Cure overall to have blonde hair in Cure form.

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