Hoshioto Yume
星音 夢
hoshioto yume
Personal Information
Birthday Date22 August
Hair Colormagenta (Yume)

Pink (Harmony)

Eye Colormagenta (Yume)

Pink (Harmony)

RelativesHoshioto Mako (mum)

Hoshioto Yuuki (dad) Hoshioto Makiro (sister)

Alter EgoCure Harmony
Theme Colorpink (main)

White (sub)

Anime Information
SeasonSing Stars! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceSSPC01

Hoshioto Yume (星音 夢 hoshioto yume) is the lead cure of Sing Stars! Pretty Cure. She is very confident and loves animals and cares for them too. Her alter ego is Cure Harmony. Her theme colours are pink and white and her main instrument is the guitar.



Yume has the confidence to stand up to bullies. The bullies call her 'The Demon Queen' but most students rely on her. She also loves animals and her dad is a zoo keeper. She cares for the endangered ones as well as insects.

She also loves to play the guitar. She is the music club at her school so she practises everyday.


Sakiuta Chihaya - A friend at school who is also part of Sing Stars Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Chorus and her theme colours are green and white. Her main instrument is the piano.

Shikoe Kokone - A famous idol. She secretly goes to the same school as Yume and Chihaya and she is a pretty cure too. Her alter ego is Cure Rhapsody and her theme colours are blue and purple. Her main instrument is the harp.

Dream - Yume's mascot partner.

Kuchi Makoto - The worst bully in the school. He and Yume are enemies and have lots of fights, but Yume is always the winner.

Cure Harmony

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