Sayaka Hoshina
星名 さやか
Hoshina Sayaka
Personal Information
Birthday DateJune 19
Hair ColorDark Magenta (Sayaka)
Magenta (Cure Sirius)
Eye ColorDark Magenta (Sayaka)
Magenta (Cure Sirius)
Alter EgoCure Sirius
Theme ColorPink (main)
Magenta (sub)
Anime Information
Season5★Stars Pretty Cure!
First Appearance5★SPC01

Hoshina Sayaka (星名 さやか Hoshina Sayaka?) is one of the Cures in 5★Stars Pretty Cure! and the leader of the group. She is cheery and energetic 14-year-old 2nd year student at Starfall Academy, who's most favorite thing to do is looking at the starry sky. Her catchphrases are "Get ready!" and "I totally have no idea". She transforms into Cure Sirius and her theme colors are pink and magenta.



Sayaka is an energetic and emotional girl who is always full of cheerfulness, bad at both academics and sports, loves eating sweets and is crazy about stars. Because of being obsessed with the stars, she likes to watch them by using a telescope and often visits her grandfather's observatory.

She seems to enjoy being the leader, so sometimes she can be slightly bossy, but just a bit. Due to that, people know her as an impatient, straight person who usually doesn't seem to care about others, even if she can be too gentle sometimes.


Meeting Brilliant and Glow

Sayaka runs fast to school as she is going to be late, but when she turns the corner she bumps into two boys who are arguing for an unknown reason. To Sayaka's surprise, they turn into a rabbit and a squirrel and continue arquing, but when the two look at shocked Sayaka, they stop arguing and the rabbit introduces itself as Brilliant and the squirrel introduces itself as Glow.

Becoming Cure Sirius

Cure Sirius

"Brilliantly shining pink star, Cure Sirius!"
Azayaka ni kagayaku pinku no hoshi! Kyua Shiriusu!

Cure Sirius (キュアシリウス Kyua Shiriusu?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Sayaka. Refering to her name, she holds the power of Sirius, the brightest star. As Cure Sirius Sayaka seems rather confident and bossy, but is still very clumsy and often stumbles on something.


Sayaka throws up her Ultra Flashlight, while saying "Pretty Cure!..."., then she catches it and says "...Brilliance Spread!". The small star on the top of Ultra Flashlight lights up and the transformation begins. First, Sayaka is shown flying across the pink starry sky while her body is covered in a sparkling pink light. Then she spins around and, using her Ultra Flashlight, Sayaka creates a shining magenta ribbon that surrouds her body. After her dress and shoes have appeared and her eyes got lightened, her hair flows down, becoming longer and lighter and tieing up into twintails. Pink stars tap her arms, neck and hair to form the accessories. Finally, Cure Sirius lands and introduces herself.

Super Cure Sirius

Cure Rainbow Sirius

Starlet Sirius




Hiyama Akai
Akai is Sayaka's childhood best friend. They get along very well, so the two almost never fight with each other.

Kihara Pika
Sayaka tends to fight with Pika a lot and sometimes joins Akai in teasing her. But because of worrying about her, she is somewhat of a big-sister type to her and often gives Sora a command to protect Pika.

Yamoto Sora
Sayaka finds Sora as a very interesting, but also a strange person and for an unknown reason acts sometimes too bossy to her.

Suki Megumi
Sayaka respects Megumi, so always refers to her with the suffix "-san" and behaves politely when talking to her.

Sayaka is usually very friendly and nice to Brilliant, but when she worries or is unconfident about something she can hit him or shout at him, even if there's no reason for it. When she finds out that he is in love with her, Sayaka gets really surprised and doubtful, because she always preceived him as a younger brother whom she never had.





Sayaka has several songs performed by her voice actress, Noto Mamiko.







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