Episode 1:Believe it or not Cure Believe is here!

Shinjiru goes always to the park because she have a secret place in the park.But when she is in the park she meet a fairy fox caled Glauben.He told her that he is her partner and that she is a precure,but Shinjiru doesn't believe him.

wat will happen between them and why is shinjiru a precure?

Episode 2:Never forget your hope,Cure Hope!

It's the first day of school and shinjiru is late again.The teacher is mad because she is late.The teacher told everyone that they need a new council student president.Shinjiru said that Maiha can be the perfect president but Maiha don't want that.She doesn't believe in her own hope.But shinjiru doesn't believe her and she will help Maiha.

Will Maiha be the next council president and why have glauben a weird feeling about her?

Episode 3:Find your happiness,Cure Surprise!

Shinjiru and maiha met a girl and her name is Kiyoshi.She is selfish.Kiyoshi told Shinjiru and Maiha that it is her birthday and that she want a lot of presents.Shinjiru didn't like Kiyoshi because she was mean and selfish and only cared about her self.But Glauben told Shinjiru and Maiha that she is a Pretty Cure warrior.

Is it posibble that a selfish girl can be a Pretty Cure warrior?