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Akai Hiyama
火山 アカイ
Hiyama Akai
Personal Information
Birthday DateAugust 18th
Hair ColorDark Red (Akai)

Reddish Pink (Cure Antares)

Eye ColorBrown (Akai)

Red (Cure Antares)

RelativesHiyama Akemi (mother), Hiyama Takashi (father), Hiyama Reiki (younger sister)
Alter EgoCure Antares
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
Season5★Stars Pretty Cure!
First Appearance5★SPC01
"Just leave it to me!"
―Akai, demonstrating her loyality

Hiyama Akai (火山 アカイ Hiyama Akai?) is one of the Cures in 5★Stars Pretty Cure! and the childhood best friend and classmate of Hoshina Sayaka. She is 14-year-old 2nd year student at Starfall Academy, a very sporty, tomboyish girl and enjoys playing all kinds of sports, especially softball. She transforms into Cure Antares and her theme color is red.


Akai has dark red short hair worn in a high ponytail and brown eyes.

Her school uniform consists of a the same socks as in a casual outfit, light lavender shirt, a dark turquoise unbuttoned jacket with magenta outlines on its collar and pockets, a purple plaid skirt and a pair of dark brown shoes.


Akai is a friendly and talkative girl, who acts tomboyishly and enjoys sports, but is bad at studying (though not as awful as Sayaka or Pika). She is a very loyal, reliable friend and due to keeping her confidence in any situation, Akai tends to calm down others, which often makes Pika go mad.

Being strong and tough, Akai secretely thinks she has way more leader-like qualities than their actual leader Sayaka.


Becoming Cure Antares

When Kuroppoi attacks Sayaka transforms into Cure Sirius, trying to save her friend Akai from the monster, but gets knoked down. Akai who gets angry because of Kuroppoi's action attacks him madly by throwing the softballs, until the red star appears in the sky and falls into Akai's hands. The star turns into the Ultra Flashlight and Akai uses it to transform into Cure Antares after she is told by Brilliant to do it.

Cure Antares

"Firey glowing red star, Cure Antares!"
Moeru yōna hikaru akai hoshi! Kyua Antaresu!

Cure Antares (キュアアンタレス Kyua Antaresu?) is the alter Pretty Cure ego of Akai. Though loyal and strong as Akai, Cure Antares is much more angry and dangerous than her.

Super Cure Antares

Cure Rainbow Antares

Starlet Antares




Hoshina Sayaka

"Friends come first. Right?"
―Akai, encouraging Sayaka

Sayaka is Akai's childhood best friend. She will do anything to calm down Sayaka when she's worring or angry. They get along very well, so the two almost never fight with each other.

Kihara Pika

"Holy God... Tell me I'm not supposed to deal with this cursed brat!"
―Akai, reaction to Pika's transformation

The two are known for their disagreeable relationship, as having guite a number of fights, being annoyed by each other and Akai's teasings towards Pika. One of the examples can be the fact that Akai is fond of floutingly calling her Chicky-Dicky (チッキー·ディッキー Chikkī-Dikkī?).

Yamoto Sora

Suki Megumi






Akai has several songs performed by her voice actress, Koshimizu Ami.







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