Hiwatari Natsumi
Hiwatari Natsumi 2
Hiwatari Natsumi
Personal Information
Hair ColorMaroon (Natsumi)

Red (Cure Sport)

Eye ColorMaroon (Natsumi)

Red (Cure Sport)

Alter EgoCure Sport
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
First AppearanceLsPC01
Hiwatari Natsumi is one of the Cures in Lifestyle Pretty Cure. She is a sporty and boyish girl from Osaka who is the captain of her basketball team. Her alter ego is Cure Sport (キュアスポーツ Kyua Supōtsu) and her standard signature color is red.


As Hiwatari Natsumi, she has medium straight maroon hair which is always appears as a twin ponytail. She has maroon eyes.


Natsumi is a sporty and boyish girl, who can do many kinds of sports. Natsumi always keep energetic and very carefree.

Cure Sport

"Red! The first light of the rainbow, Cure Sport!"


Reddo! Niji no daiichi no hikari, Kyua Supōtsu!

Cure Sport (キュアスポーツ Kyua Supōtsu) is Cure Natsumi transforms into. Cure Sport controls the element of fire. Her main personal purification attack is Sport Basketball Shoot.


Sport Basketball Shoot - Cure Sport create a fireball, and soon she does it like on basketball, and sends the ball towards the enemy.


Hiwatari (火渡り) - Hiwatari (火渡り) means "fire walking", this refers to Cure Sport's role to controls the element of fire.

Natsumi (夏み) - From word Natsu (夏) which means "summer"


  • She is the third red-themed Cure


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