Hirari/Hitori/Kirari is Rainbow Power Pretty Cure second ending. AliceSword didn't write the song. The song is second Aikatsu! ending. 


At the begining Scarlett appear, then Ayaka, then Kuroko, then Nadeshiko, then Chiharu, then Taruko and at the end Michiru. They all holds their hands and fly. After that Sunny and Rainy are dancing with rainfairies.

Scarlett, Ayaka and Nadeshiko are walking in the school and Kuroko is waving them and joins them. All four of them is walking on the road and saw Chiharu. She joind them.

Then it shows Taruko and MIchiru walking from school talking with each other.

It shows other five again. They are walking and then nod to each other and start runing and suddenly jump.

After that it shows them fighting nocolor. They each do their attacks. Indigo and Violet appear and protect them from nocolor attack and attacked it. After all seven of them defeat nocolor.

After this they are all in the park in they normal forms and at the end they take a picture of all seven of them.



Hirari hitori kirari to kagayake 

hitori dakeredo hitori de wa nai

sutaato susumu tame no ressun 

Minna tommodachi datta 

minna raibaru datta demo ne

zettai omote to ura de damashita mama de

tatakattari wa shinakatta

sutta kuru kuru to motomerareru mono mo kawaru 

erabareru chansu wo tsukamitore 

akutoresu no mirai wo sinjite

yume wo kanaeru tame ni utai odoru 

hitori hitori kirari to teema ko koeyou

jibun no koto wo amayaka shitara 

zenbu minukarete shimau yo.

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