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Hinata Natsuyo
日向 夏よ
Hinata Natsuyo
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Red (Hinata)

Red/Orange(Cure Alpha)

Eye ColorRed(Hinata)

Orange(Cure Alpha)

Home PlaceTaiyokawa
RelativesNatsuyo Satoshi(Older Brother)

Natsuyo Ruyoji(Father) Natsuyo Misa(Mother)

Alter EgoCure Alpha

Burning Cure Alpha

Theme ColorRed(Main)

White(Sub) Orange(Sub)

Anime Information
SeasonCosmic Pretty Cure!!
First AppearanceCPC01
Hinata Natsuyo (日向 夏よ Hinata Natsuyo) is the lead Cure in the fan series Cosmic Pretty Cure!!. Often called "Hina" by her friends and family, she is a 2nd- year in Universal Private Academy and is a popular girl who's known for her friendly and brave personality. Her alter ego is Cure Alpha and has the power over fire.




Before Cosmic Pretty Cure!!

Becoming Cure Alpha


Nana Misora- Hinata's best firend. They always rely on each other in trouble and never fight over anything. When Nana gets into trouble with some bullies when she first transferred to Universal Private Academy, Hina stood up for her and they became fast friends.

Mitsuki Kayoko-

Sakura Kayoko-

Kari Sienahara-


Cure Alpha



  • Hinata is the oldest of the Cosmic!! Cures.
  • She is the first lead Cure to have red as her theme color.



How I would like Hinata to look like.

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