Hinamori Amylia is one of the Cure in Sparkle! Diamond PreCure. Her alter ego is Cure Amethyst.

Hinamori Amylia
2014 - 1 (12)
Hinamori Amiria
Personal Information
Hair Color(Amylia) (Cure Amethyst)
Eye Color(Amylia) (Cure Amethyst)
Home PlaceKongouseki Town
Alter EgoCure
Theme ColorPurple
Anime Information
SeasonSparkle! Diamond PreCure


Amy is considered the brainy one of the team. She wants to be a successful scientist and try to change her home. She tries to calm down anyone's temper problems but with most problems,not so successful. She is often bringing chemicals into Noelle's house (as there is a science lab.),but most of the time,Noelle doesn't approve her bringing them in. She thinks she is wise and can trust anyone with her secrets but doesn't tell them very much.



As Amylia she has brown hair tied in a side ponytail held with a purple band. She wears a purple shirt with what she often wears with it pale purple science coat unless it's a fun event. She is rarely seen wearing glasses. Her shoes are purple-brown platform shoes.

Her second outfit is a long sleeve violet button shirt with a lavender purple cardigan. She has a brown skirt with the waistline bit has a purple ribbon and a yellow heart. Her shoes are lavender and pink sandals.

As Cure Amethyst her hair becomes shorter and is lilac with lots of curls. She wears a purple jewel clip on the side. She has same decoration across her forehead,like the other cures,but in purple. Her pearl necklace's pendant is purple and her dress is the same sailor collar puffy dress with the bow(but in dark purple (the bow) and lavender purple).

Cure Amethyst

The diamond with the power healing, Cure Amythyst!

Cure Amethyst is the alter ego of Amylia. Her powers are based on defence. Her theme colour is purple.

Princess Amethyst

Miracle Amethyst

Queen Amethyst




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