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Sara Himesato
Himesato Sara
Birthday DateFebuary 14
Hair ColorSara: Dark Blue

Cure Empress : Green

Eye ColorSara: Yellow

Cure Empress: Light Pink

Home PlaceKanon Village


First AppearanceDDPCP01
Cure Empress
Theme ColorGreen

Sara Himesato (姫里サラ Himesato Sara?) is one of main characters from Doki Doki Precure : Princess!. Sara actually a princess from Kanon Village, similiar with Aguri Madoka who a princess from Trump Kingdom. She looks close with Hibiki Kujyou.


She have a long dark blue hair and yellow eyes. As Cure Empress wears a traditional Japanese influence in her design And have multiple sub colors.


She is normally a shy girl, but she has a strong will and has some qualities of a leader. Despite of this, she is content to stay reserved and always thinks logically.

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