Maria Himesato
Maria Chan
Himesato Maria
Personal Information
Age14 years old
Hair ColorOrange (Maria)

Light Green

Eye Colorpurple (Maria)

Orange (Cure Star)

Home PlaceAurora Lans
RelativesYukino (Aunt)
Alter EgoCure Star
Theme Colorgreen-colored
Anime Information
SeasonTwo Life Precure!

Her cure alter ego is キュアスター (Cure Star? Kyua Suta). She is the only the main character that already become pretty cure before the story is begin. She also know Kazesawa Kaname who is Kazesawa Sora's mother.


She has very curly orange hair with a flower hair clip, her eyes are purple.


Maria is a hard-nosed girl and selfish , She never smile except when dealing with journalists and while being on stage. but after the course of the story he was being a good girl, friendly and understanding.


'Himesato (姫里) Hime' ('姫) means Princess and Sato (里) means village. Maria (マリア) means Beloved/loved, or Star of the Sea.


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