Himesaki Rei
姫崎 麗
Himesaki Rei
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Blue
Blue (Cure Queen)
Eye ColorAzure
Home PlaceLucky Town
RelativesHimesaki Kumiko (mother)
Himesaki Youzo (father)
Alter EgoCure Queen
Theme ColorBlue
Anime Information
SeasonShine★Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceShPC01

Himeno Rei  (姫野 麗 Himeno Rei) is the second main character of Shine★Pretty Cure!. She is smart, and confident, and likes helping others. She disapproves on Yuuka's actions, and they bicker often. Her Cure form is Cure Queen  (キュアクイーン Kyua Kuin).


Rei has long, dark blue hair, matching with azure eyes. Her hairstyle is similar to Kiryuu Kaoru from Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash☆Star. In her civilian form, she wears a pale blue dress, with two dark blue lines in front and two behind.

In her Cure form, her hair turns blue. Her dress is the same as Cure Light's. But the only difference is the color, blue.


Rei is very smart, and often the top in school. She is always confident, and she is never seen worried, except during battle.



Himesaki (姫崎) - Hime (姫) means "princess" and Saki (崎) means "mountainous".

Rei (麗) means "lovely".

Cure Queen

"The queen's light, Cure Queen!"
Jo no hikari, Kyua Kuin!

Cure Queen  is Rei's alter ego. She solves problems more quickly, and she is more sharper than Rei.


Pretty Cure Queen Freeze  is Cure Queen's normal attack.

Pretty Cure Queen Blizzard  is a power up. Cure Queen performs is with the Diamond Rod.

Pretty Cure Miracle Reflection  is the group attack.


Shiny Commune  is Rei's transform device.

Diamond Rod  is Cure Queen's weapon.


Mitsuta Yuuka - Rei's best friend. They've known each other since 3 years old. Though they bicker, they still care for each other.


• Similar to Hishikawa Rikka from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.


Coming soon...

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