Himawari Aika
向日葵 愛佳
Himawari Aika
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Yellow (with slightly orange)
Eye ColorGold
Home PlaceLucky Town
Alter EgoCure Clover
Theme ColorYellow (main)
Orange (sub)
Anime Information
SeasonShine★Pretty Cure!

Himawari Aika (向日葵 愛佳 Himawari Aika) is the third main character of Shine★Pretty Cure!. She is a girl from a rich family, and she loves hanging out with her friends. Like Yuuka, she has a large appetite. She tends to feel lonely sometimes, but shortly recovers. Her Cure form is Cure Clover(キュアクロバ Kyua Kuroba).


Yuuka has dark yellow shoulder length straight hair, with some orange highlights in both civilian and cure form. In civilian form, she wears a dress with a white top and orange skirt, and a light yellow ribbon on the top.

Her Cure form's outfit is the same to Cure Light and Cure Queen, but only the color is different, yellow.


Aika is from a rich family. She does not like it sometimes, because she feels the life is boring and lonely.



Himawari (向日葵) means "sunflower".

Aika (愛佳) - Ai (愛) means "love" and Ka (佳) means "song".

Cure Clover

"The Sun's warmth, Cure Clover!"
Taiyou no pokapoka! Kyua Kuroba!

Cure Clover is Aika's Cure form. Like other Cures, she is much stronger.


Pretty Cure Clover Reaction is Cure Clover's normal attack.

Pretty Cure Clover Defence is a power up.

Pretty Cure Miracle Reflection is the group attack.


Shiny Commune is a device for Aika to transform into Cure Clover.

Clover Rod is Cure Clover's weapon.


Mitsuta Yuuka - They get along well, and they always approve on anything each other does.

Seiji Miho - They're childhood friends.


• She has similarities with Hyuuga Saki and Yotsuba Alice.


Coming soon...

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