Hikari Luna
光 ルナ
Hikari Runa
Personal Information
Birthday DateSeptember 12
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorDark Brown (Luna)
Blonde (Cure Past)
RelativesHikari Minako (grandmother)
Mr. and Mrs. Hikari (parents)
Alter EgoCure Past
Theme ColorYellow
Anime Information
SeasonInto the Future! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceITFPC03

Hikari Luna (光 ルナ Hikari Runa?) is the third main character of Into the Future! Pretty Cure. She is the smartest of the group and lives with her grandmother. Her alter ego is Cure Past.

Her catchphrase is "Do you even know the difference between 'old' and 'young'?".


Luna is smart, intelligent, quiet and popular in school. She thinks Sora doesn't know the difference between 'old' and 'young' when she calls Sheila 'old lady'. She fights quite a lot with Mirai, mostly because of Mirai's childish personality.


Luna has dark brown eyes and blonde hair in civilian form. In Cure form, her eyes change to blonde, and her hair remains the same.

In civilian form, Luna wears a cream yellow elbow length blouse and a orange skirt with lines and heeled sandals. Her hair is curly and is tied into a high ponytail with a white ribbon.

In Cure form, her dress is the same as Cure Present's and Cure Future's, but is yellow and orange and the skirt has no feathers. Her hair remains the same, but then is longer and the ribbon is replaced with a yellow diamond hair accessory.


Before Series

Luna's parents are always overseas and very busy, so they leave Luna to stay with her grandmother.

First Appearance

Luna first appeared at Episode 3, where she was sitting next to Sora in class, as Mirai was introducing herself.

Becoming Precure

Luna was walking home with Sora and Mirai after school, when another villain appeared. But it wasn't Gary, instead, it was Black, another minion of Yuna.

Sora and Mirai transformed, and then defeated the monster Black summoned, but then Black summoned another monster, and by that time, Cure Present and Cure Future were already worn out, so they couldn't defeat it. Just then, another meteor crashed again, but this time, not in the forest. Black was after it, but then Luna grabbed the Cure Brace and card first, and with instructions from Cure Present and Cure Future, Luna transformed and helped defeat the monster.

More coming soon...


Hikari (光) - Hikari means "light".

Luna (ルナ) - (I like this name and I thought it would suit Luna)

Cure Past

"The oldest time in the universe, Cure Past!"

Cure Past is Luna's alter ego. As Cure Past, Luna is more stronger and more mature, and more stronger than Cure Present and Cure Future.


Ichikawa Sora - Sora is Luna's childhood best friend. They hardly ever fight except when Sora is being like Mirai.

Ichikawa Mirai - Mirai and Luna have a small "rivalry", mostly because of Mirai's playful attitude. But they still consider each other as friends.


  • Luna is one of the Cures to have a English name.
  • Luna's family name, 'Hikari', is also Kujou Hikari's first name.


Coming soon...

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