High Waters Pretty Cure! was created by Cure Believe and is somewhat based on her former YouTube series A Mermaid Story. The theme in this show is water.


Splash Kingdom is in terrible danger. A group of villains, the Anti-Water group, is trying to suck away all the water in the world, including that in the kingdom! To solve this problem, three mascots leave to find the Pretty Cure that will stop this group!

That first girl is Carlise Doshima, a 13 year old with a passion of science and water. She meets Shibuki and becomes Cure Splash! Joining her is her childhood friends, soccer player Uniqua Hirohama and smart student T-900 Aokawa. Together, they are the High Waters Pretty Cure!



Names remain the same (Carlise, Uniqua, and T-900), but they have Japanese nicknames

Carlise "Chinatsu" Doshima is a 13 year old who is into science. Carlise is very interested in the water and usually brings her friends over to swim. Her Cure ego is Cure Splash.

Uniqua "Urano" Hirohama is a 14 year old who plays many sports. Her favorite isn't swimming, but is among her favorites. Uniqua loves play soccer, much like Rin from Yes! Pretty Cure 5! Her Cure ego is Cure Wave.

T-900 "Taki" Aokawa is a 12 year old who is the brains of the group. When there is free time available, T-900 is usually studying instead of hanging out. Her Cure ego is Cure Water.


Shibuki is Carlise's mascot. She ends her sentences with "~shibu!"

Nami is Uniqua's mascot. She ends her sentences with "~nami!"

Shimesu is T-900's mascot. She ends her sentences with "~shime!"




  • High Waters Pretty Cure! has the oddest first names of all Pretty Cure seasons.

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