Hotaru Hidamari
陽だまり ほたる
Hidamari Hotaru
Personal Information
Hair ColorBrown (Hotaru)

Orange (Cure Sun)

Eye ColorDark Brown (Hotaru)

Gold (Cure Sun)

Alter EgoCure Sun
Theme ColorGolden
Anime Information
SeasonShining Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceShiPC01
Hidamari Hotaru (陽だまり ほたる Hidamari Hotaru?) is the lead Cure and one of the main charcters of Shining Pretty Cure!. She is a part of the basketball team at Miehikari Junior High School, hyperactive, energetic girl, who often uses her catchphrase "Sparkle!" (ぴかぴか光る! Pika Pika Hikaru!?) and though boys hate ter, Hotaru is popular with the girls. Her alter ego is Cure Sun, who symbolizes energy and joy, with the power of sunshine. She is voiced by Nakada Asumi.


Hotaru has dark brown eyes and brown shoulder-length flowing hair.


Hotaru has a very outgoing, responsive personality and always tries to make others happy, because she hates when someone is sad. Having a big optimism, always cheerful and energetic Hotaru can find something good in any bad situation.

Though she is very wise and responsible (unlike other lead Cures), Hotaru isn't good at studying, prefering sports more, and sometimes even forces Mizuki to do sports with her.


Yamizora Mizuki: Hotaru often worries about Mizuki and likes to cheer up her, when Mizuki is sad. However, when her patience reached its limit, Hotaru couldn't endure Mizuki's distant atitude, so the two had to put the end on friendship. But after making up with her their friendship became much more closer than it was at the beginning.

Utane Hoshi: After watching her concert for the first time, Hotaru becomes Hoshi's big fan and likes to imagine Hoshi as her cute younger sister.


Cure Sun

"Joyful golden light, Cure Sun!"
Ureshi-sō kin'iro no hikari! Kyua San!

Cure Sun (キュアサン Kyua San?) is the alter Pretty Cure ego of Hotaru. She symbolizes joy and energy and her powers are related to sunshine.


Perfect Radiance (パーフェクトラディアンス Pāfekuto Radiansu?) is a group attack performed with Cure Moon to purify Kiriritsuzens.



  • Hotaru is the second Cure to control sunshine. The first is Cure Sunshine from Heartcatch Pretty Cure!.
  • Hotaru is similar to Misumi Nagisa:
    • Both are leaders.
    • Both are good at sports.
    • Both have a smart Cure-partner.
    • Both are popular with the girls.
    • Both, though being the leaders are not themed as Pink Cures.
  • Cure Sun is the first Cure to have golden as her theme color.
  • Hotaru's catchphrase shows a similarity to Kise Yayoi's Cure intro.

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