The Hexagonal Brooch (六角ブローチ Rokkaku Burōchi) is a device that looks like an ordinary, fancy-looking brooch to civilians. It allows Bunny Gekkono to transform into Cure Moonbeam. Twilight gave Bunny the device in SSPC01. To transform, Bunny must say "Pretty Cure! Moonbeam Hexagonal Prism Power, Make Up!" She wears the brooch on the bow of her school uniform.


The brooch appears in the first episode. The brooch is in the shape of a hexagon. It has a pink gem in the middle of it which represents Cure Moonbeam. It also has a blue, red, green, and yellow gem on each point of the brooch. They represent Cure River, Cure Flare, Cure Timber, and Cure Lovely respectively. The brooch stays the same, whether Bunny is in civilian or in Cure form.


The Hexagonal Brooch is used to transform Bunny Gekkono. To transform, Bunny must say "Pretty Cure! Moonbeam Hexagonal Prism Power, Make Up!" and either make a circular motion with the brooch (when she is in her school uniform) or puts the brooch on herself after saying the transformation phrase (when she is not in her school uniform.)


  • The Hexagonal Brooch is the third brooch-like item existing in the Pretty Cure universe. The first being Shiny Luminous' Heartiel Brooch and second being the Cure Modules.
  • It is the first item to have a different action performed by the Cure depending on what they are wearing.

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