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Heartbreak Pretty Cure
Hātoburēku Purikyua
Personal Information
Age14 (Blooming, Ocean, Shine)

17 (Twilight)

Hair ColorDark Pink (Blooming)

Dark Blue (Ocean)
Dark Yellow (Shine)
Dark Purple (Twilight)

Eye ColorDark Pink (Blooming)

Dark Blue (Ocean)
Yellow (Shine)
Purple (Twilight)

Alter EgoHeartbreak Blooming

Heartbreak Ocean
Heartbreak Shine
Heartbreak Twilight

Theme ColorPink (Blooming)

Blue (Ocean)
Yellow (Shine)
Purple (Twilight)

Anime Information
SeasonHeartbeat Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceHBPC30

Heartbreak Pretty Cure (ハートブレークプリキュア Hātoburēku Purikyua?) is the main group of villains in Heartbeat Pretty Cure!.



All four Cures are complete opposites to their counterparts, but none of them are just like the Mirage Cures. More coming soon


When the Heartbeat Cures defeated Quicksand, she needed to give one last chance, so she decided to create dark versions of the Pretty Cures, known as the Heartbreak Pretty Cure. She sends them to find the Amulet of Memories and the Pretty Cures to make sure no one retrieves the amulet and the Pretty Cures are defeated.

Both teams met each other when the girls were running home from school laughing. They met four mysterious girls who bared a resemblance. The mysterious girls introduced themselves as the Heartbreak Pretty Cure, the opposites of the Heartbeat Pretty Cure. Haretsu was frustrated and told everyone to transform. The girls performed one of their attacks and Heartbreak Blooming said it was a warm-up round, and a real round would start later.

After several tough fights, Heartbreak Shine starts feeling bad about the Heartbeat Cures, but the other three get mad at her for thinking that. She decides to leave the Heartbreak Cures and join the Heartbeat Cures to help them find the Amulet of Memories.

Now disguised as a girl named Mirai Tomodachi, she quickly finds Haretsu and admits she likes the Heartbeat Cures. The others hear her and are surprised that she's turning to the good side. Tomodachi wonders how they knew she was a villain, but before they can answer, the mascots notice Tomodachi is a Pretty Cure. They give her a Heartbeat Perfume so she can transform, and finds out she is Cure Spark. She transforms just when there's another battle versus the other Heartbreak Cures. More coming soon


  • After the Dark 5, Mirage, and Bad End Cures, the Heartbreak Cures are the fourth team of dark Cures.
    • Although being evil copies of the main Cures, the Heartbreak Cures are the first dark copies to become the main villains of a season.
  • Heartbreak Shine is the second dark Cure to become good, right after Dark Dream.
    • Heartbreak Shine is the first dark Cure to become a real Cure.
  • It is unknown why Heartbreak Ocean is older than her good counterpart.
  • Heartbreak Blooming might be a little similar to Siren as they can both take on a human form in disguise.
    • In episode 32, Heartbreak Blooming disguised herself as a transfer student to ruin preparations for a Christmas party. It is unknown if she can take on other forms like Siren.
    • Although this is true, Heartbreak Shine is more like Siren, because they have a true human form (Tomodachi and Ellen, respectively) and later turned good, becoming a Cure (Spark and Beat, respectively).

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