This is a list of episodes in the fan series Heartbeat Pretty Cure! which aired May 12, 2013. The episodes listed have been confirmed by Cure Believe.

Episode # Title Attack Air Date
01 Umarekawaru. Watashi wa Kyua Burūmingu!
"Reborn. I Am Cure Blooming!"
Blooming Healer 2013-05-12

When the Mirage Pretty Cures are reborn as girls, Haretsu Sakura, formerly Cure Blossom Mirage, meets a mascot, Chyra, and becomes a Pretty Cure, Cure Blooming!

02 Subarashī! Kanojo wa Kyua Ōshan!
"Amazing! She is Cure Ocean!"
Ocean Wave 2013-05-19

Haretsu meets a transfer student, Mizu Jinsokuna, learning she is a reborn Mirage Cure thanks to mascot Coffer, even though this confuses her. Mizu, with help from Coffer, later becomes Cure Ocean!

03 Yukuyuku, Kyua Shain!
"Go Go, Cure Shine!"
Shine Spark 2013-05-26

Haretsu and Mizu meet student council Taiyō Noboru. They meet another mascot, Poppie, who, learning Taiyō is a reborn Mirage Cure, gives her the ability to become Cure Shine!

04 Yūgana! Kyua Towairaito!
"Elegant! Cure Twilight!"
Twilight Twinkle 2013-06-02

With no more mascots and one more Cure, the girls meet the final reborn Mirage Cure, Migaki Yoru. The mascots give Migaki a Heartbeat Perfume and transforms into Cure Twilight!

05 Utau! Kanojo no kimochi ga utawa rete auto!
"Sing! Her Feelings Are Sung Out!"
Pretty Cure Heartthrob Finale 2013-06-09

Migaki decides to sing about her feelings every so often. Later, the Cures learn why they are Pretty Cure, but have no idea about who the Mirage Cures are.

06 Moderu! Mizu wa no nakade wa sainō o motte iru...
"Model! Mizu Has Talent Within..."
Ocean Wave 2013-06-16

Mizu decides to become a model, surprising Coffer as Mizu used to want to be a popular model. She does not agree with him, though, because she does not remember that.

07 Kore wa gōhōdesu ka? Daremoga hontōni henkō suru koto ga dekimasu!
"Is This Legit? Everyone Can Truly Change!"
Blooming Healer 2013-06-23

Haretsu makes a resolution to believe everyone can change. Chyra remembers how she used to believe Tsubomi could not change, but, like Mizu, Haretsu disagrees with the statement.

08 Ai, ai, ai! Migaki no kaizōdo
"Love, Love, Love! Migaki's Resolution."
Twilight Twinkle 2013-06-30

Migaki notices people are upset, so she decides to help them feel better. All the mascots remember how she used to be upset about losing Cologne, but Migaki does not even know who Cologne is.

09 Watashi no on'nanokorashī saido wa jūyō!
"My Girlish Side is Important!"
Shine Spark 2013-07-07

The girls are surprised when seeing Taiyō doing girlish things for the first time. Poppie tells her that she used to feel indebted about concealing this side, but Taiyō does not believe her.

10 Watashi o shinrai shi, watashi wa anata ni shinjitsu o katatte iru!
"Trust Me, I'm Telling You the Truth!"
Pretty Cure Heart Throbbing Love 2013-07-14

When the news about the girls not believing they were Mirage Cures in their past spreads around each mascot, the mascots try to convince they are being truthful to them.

11 The Amulet of Memories's Location is Found! Pretty Cure Heartthrob Finale 2013-07-21

The mascots track and find the location of the Amulet of Memories, and tell the girls they have found the memory-reviving item!

12 Find the Amulet! Bring Their Memories Back! Pretty Cure Duo Throbbing Heart 2013-07-28

The girls and mascots rush to find the Amulet of Memories but learn the enemies are trying to avoid them making it.

13 The Pretty Cure Games! Who Has More Talents? 2013-08-04

The girls wonder who has more talents than the others, so they hold a little competition to determine this.

14 The Summer is Ending! Let's Do One Special Thing! 2013-08-11

Haretsu is planning on a special dance to sum up the summer, but the others don't know what to do.

15 The Mysterious Transfer Student. I Sense Something... 2013-08-18

Mizu believes the transfer student is her former friend. Haretsu doesn't know what she is talking about, and Taiyō and Migaki make things worse.

16 The Easiest Villain Ever! Dry is Gone, Two to Go! 2013-08-25

The Cures have their final battle against Dry, the mascots are trying to sneak to the Amulet of Memories, and the other villains are angry at Dry's skill.

17 A Plan Gone Bonkers. What Are You Thinking, Mizu?! 2013-09-01

Mizu tries to get Taiyō and her crush together, but it just makes them split up. Meanwhile, Migaki is planning on a new song to sing.

18 The Mascot Meeting is About the Amulet! 2013-09-08

Chyra, Coffer, and Poppie have a meeting to discuss how the Cures can defeat Quicksand and Scorpion so they can retrieve the Amulet.

19 Goodbye Scorpion! We're Almost Successful! 2013-09-15

With two more villains, the Cures face-off against Scorpion, with amazing results!

20 Are You Ready? It's the School's Fashion Show! 2013-09-22

First Harmony Middle School is asking Migaki to join the fashion show, but she is unsure if she has what it takes.

21 Why Won't Quicksand Leave? There's No Success Ahead! 2013-09-29

The Cures struggle while trying to defeat Quicksand, so they try to come up with a new plan, which also fails.

22 Quicksand's Scheme is...the Worst Joke! 2013-10-06

Quicksand says she will create new villains if she loses, but the Cures think she is trying to scare them.

23 Go Haretsu! The Cooking Expert! 2013-10-13

Haretsu's parents teach her how to cook, and later invites the girls over to try her own food!

24 Mizu's Favorite Thing. Fashion All the Way! 2013-10-20

Mizu begins to admire her favorite model, Kurumi Momoka, so much she tries to be her, but Coffer is not pleased.

25 Many Girlish Secrets! The Boys Are Making Fun! 2013-10-27

Taiyō finally decides to make the boys like her with girlish things, but the boys start teasing her.

26 Turn the Feelings Around. From Sadness to Love. 2013-11-03

Migaki believes she is getting into the hang of the cheering up business, but she accidentally mishears someone's feeling.

27 Let's Do It Now! The Amulet Will Be Ours! 2013-11-10

The group is ready to battle it out against Quicksand and retrieve the Amulet once and for all!

28 Quicksand Retreats! What is the Scheme Anyway? 2013-11-17

The Cures finally defeat Quicksand. Before she fades away, she is able to create new villains, ones that the Cures haven't met...

29 What Do You Mean? New Enemies Are Near? 2013-11-24

The mascots hear the news of new villains, but the Cures said that was just a joke. The mascots begin to believe them and later find out the Amulet IS being tracked by the new villains.

30 There's No Way! The Heartbreak Pretty Cure! 2013-12-01

While the girls are relaxing, they come across their new rivals, the Heartbreak Pretty Cure, and realize Quicksand and the mascots were being truthful.

31 News Flash! There's a Cure Spark Somewhere! 2013-12-08

The mascots inform the girls of a mysterious, missing fifth Cure, but learn she isn't a reborn Mirage Cure because there were only four.

32 Not Possible! The New Student is Heartbreak Blooming! 2013-12-15

The middle school is preparing for a Christmas Feast before they leave for the holiday, and a "transfer student" joins to help, but makes things much worse. Haretsu becomes suspicious and later learns it was really Heartbreak Blooming.

33 Merry Christmas, Everyone! Bring the Children Happiness! 2013-12-22

The girls are ready to celebrate Christmas by donating gifts to poor children, but have a hard time while on their search.

34 Make a Resolution and Bring it to the New Year! 2013-12-29

The girls plan out what their resolutions will be, but is later interrupted when a Saharan begins attacking the town.

35 It's Here! A New Year Has Started! 2014-01-05

Everyone in the show so far decides to show how their New Year is going, even the Heartbreak Cures!

36 Bring a Miracle! Pray We'll Find Cure Spark! 2014-01-12

Haretsu wishes to find Cure Spark soon, and asks Chyra if anyone knows who she is with no result.

37 Flashbacks of Everyone. They Still Don't Know... 2014-01-19

The mascots reveal the full story of the Cures' pasts, including how they were created, and why they were reborn.

38 Heartbreak Shine is Acting Nicer. Why is That? 2014-01-26

After an intense battle, Heartbreak Shine becomes worried of the Heartbeat Cures, but her teammates get mad at her, so she decides to leave and help them.

39 Be My Friend! Let's Work Together! 2014-02-02

Taiyō notices that Heartbreak Shine is not acting like herself, so she tries to become friends with her.

40 It's Cure Spark! She is Finally Here! 2014-02-09

A girl named Mirai Tomodachi meets the Heartbeat Cures, and all of them know who she really is. The mascots notice Tomodachi is a Pretty Cure, Cure Spark!

41 She's Mirai Tomodachi, the New Cure. 2014-02-16

Tomodachi explains why she started caring more about the Heartbeat Cures, revealing she was Heartbreak Shine.

42 The Amulet is in Four Parts! The Parts Reflect Ourselves? 2014-02-23

The girls learn the Amulet isn't just one piece, but four pieces that reflect each Cure's self.

43 Get Ready...It's That Time Again. 2014-03-02

Tomodachi helps the girls prepare for their adventure to retrieve the Amulet, but notices Mizu is struggling.

44 To the Amulet's Location! We'll Find it Again! 2014-03-09

The Cures finally set off to retrieve the Amulet of Memories, but must battle against the Heartbreak Cures along the way...

45 Visiting Our Memories. The Mascots Were Right! 2014-03-16

After the Cures take hold of their respective piece of the Amulet, they are taken to their dimensions from the past and see what it was like. Meanwhile, Tomodachi and the mascots are waiting for their return.

46 Tomodachi's Request. Please Don't Hurt Me! 2014-03-23

Tomodachi asks her former friends to be good, but fails to entice them, keeping her in a heartbroken state.

47 The Final Battle Starts Now! Five Versus Three! 2014-03-30

Following up from the previous episode, the battle of the Heartbeat vs Heartbreak Cures begins!

48 Together, We Are Heartbeat Pretty Cure! It's the New Upgrade! 2014-04-06

While struggling in the final battle, the Cures receive the Heartbeat upgrade to help them succeed, thanks to the help of the mascots and their past memory!

49 To the Future and Beyond! It's Our Grand Finale! 2014-04-13

The Cures defeat the Heartbreak Cures, and move on to big things in life. Haretsu becomes a partner with a TV show cook, Mizu meets Momoka and they have a few pictures taken together, Taiyō hosts a poll for the next council president (who ends up being Tomodachi), and Migaki finally releases her 5th album!