HeartCatch StarCatch Pretty Cure is a crossover between Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and StarCatch☆Highway Pretty Cure.


The battle between the HeartCatch Cures and Dune and the StarCatch Cures and Kaizer Klown was over. Peace finally prevails. Or does it?

An evil energy from Dune and Kaizer Klown come back, but they merge to become Kaizer Dune, and he turned the world into a desert and all of the cities into an evil circus city full of killer clowns. But there was a disagreement on who should run the show, and Kaizer Dune fights himself internally and they split up. This is a huge opportunity for the Cures.

Blanc's PreCure Universe
First Generation Seasons
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Second Generation Seasons
Truelove❤Bondage Pretty Cure!Pretty Cure Protect & Serve!Mine Bandits Pretty CureStarCatch☆Highway Pretty CureSporting! Pretty CureWeather Control Pretty CureLovely Garden Pretty Cure
Third Generation Seasons
Xtreme Riders Pretty CurePretty♥Cure Heart-2-Heart!Dance!! Pretty Cure Vibrant RhythmWitchCatch Pretty CureGorgeous! Pretty Cure!Pretty Cure Cyber AngelsFastlane Pretty Cure

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