Hatsune Miku is the main cure in Vocaloid Precure. She is fairly popular and well liked on her colony ship, and she is 16 years old.

NOTE: This page only shows Techieberry38's idea of what Miku's personality would be like, and her role in Vocaloid Precure. If you are looking for information on the actual Vocaloid, please go to this page:

Vocaloid Precure Personality

Like most other lead Cures, Miku is happy, optimistic but not nearly as clumsy. Her grades in school are not the best, but she does well 95% of the time. The other 5%, well...Is not something that will be covered here, or anywhere else, really. Being tied with Append Light, Miku shares her idol-like voice, and sings beautifully.



When Miku was still a newborn, the world started to have more and more volcanoes and volcanic eruptions, making Earth less and less suitable for human, plant and animal life. It seemed Miku and other people would perish, but the world's governments were aware of this years before it happened, and they had already made colony ships that could house Earth's flora, fauna and people. Japan became a wasteland filled with ash, lava, debris and molten rock soon enough, so Miku, her family and other Japanese people packed their things and left Earth forever.

Miku grew up happy and healthy on the colony ships along with other children sharing a similar fate. Her life was just the same as anyone else's: no songs, just music and high tech bedrooms with weekend room service dinner discounts.

Vocaloid Precure

Miku had become a typical teenager, busy with school and now living on her own. However, in her free time she was watching music history documenturies like no one's business. Fascinated with this "music talk called singing", she started on a quest with her friend Kagamine Rin to find out what singing and what songs were. Later on, when Miku became Cure Sekai, her questions were answered, and her quest turned from, "what is singing?" to "Bring singing back!".


Kagamine Rin- Miku's best friend and buddy ol' pal.

Akita Neru-  A comorade of Miku's and friend.

Megurine Luka: A comorade and friend of Miku.

Meiko- Another comorade and friend of Miku.

Megpoid- Miku's friend and advice giver.

Cure Sekai

"Singing a Hit Melody, Cure Sekai!"


Hittomerodii utai, Kyua Sekai!

Cure Sekai is Miku's Cure alter ego. Her basic purification attack is World Phenomenon.

Additional attacks

Like in Pretty Cure Splash Star (Canonical season), additional attacks come out of nowhere. Miku's additional attacks are made by swiping out the microphone bud on her VocaMike, then singing a word, or just screaming like in World is Mine.


Please refer to the Vocaloid Wiki's Hatsune Miku page for this.


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