Haruka Minako
Kanji 春香ー美奈子
Romaji Haruka Minako
Season Pretty Cure RPM
Physical Info
Age 14
Gender female
Hair Color Dark Pink (Minako)
Light Pink (Cure Kick)
with crimson Ombre (Overdrive Kick)
Eye Color Crimson (Minako)
Red (Cure Kick)
Pinkish Red (Overdrive Kick)
Personal Info
Home Place Himitsu Town
Relatives Haruka Gaku (father)
Haruka Kazumi (mother)
Haruka Tae (brother)
Pretty Cure
Pretty Cure Ego Cure Kick
Overdrive Kick
Element Condor
Loyalty Pretty Cure
Theme Color Pink & Red (main)
Black & White (sub)
Anime Information
First Appearance PCRPM01
Seiyū Kadowaki Mai

For the revival RPM character frm Go On! Pretty Cure!, see Esumi Seira.

Haruka Minako (春香ー美奈子 Haruka Minako?) is the main protagonist in Pretty Cure RPM. Her alter ego is Cure Kick (キュアーキク Kyua Kiku?). Nicknamed the "Speed Princess," was formerly a race car driver training under Haruka no Carnival.


Minako has dark red eyes and dark pink hair, which similar to Mana's. Her jacket was black, which the font color was pink with red outlines. There named by the front named "CURE KICK" at top, "Eagle" in the topped right, "1" at left. The named "MACH FULL FORCE" at topped middle, her meanig of her name, "SPRING AND YOUNG BEAUTIFUL FRAGRANCE" at the middle, and the named "MINAKO" at below. The side was written from by "PRECURE RPM" and the G-Sign Emblem at the shoulders. The back were had an pink Eagle 1 representive with Red outline. The Her skirt was dark pink, red, white, and black frills, crimson leggings, white socks, and magenta shoes with maroon and black accents. While it had no Jacket, she had arm-sleeved red polo shirt topped with pink shirt with a printed G-emblem on it.

As Cure Kick, her hair turns light pink, tied as same as Cure Heart's with white and pink ponytail with the G-signed emblem on the center. Her eyes are lighter shade of red. She wears white heart dropped earrings and a black choker. She wears a pink blouse was topped with red shirt. Her sleeves with red puffs and black and white frills and fringes. Her blouse with the printed "1" on center and it wraped the silver seatbelts on the shoulders on the silver belt with the G-sign at the locker and it hangs a Supernova Morpher on a hip at the side right. She had long white gloves with black wrists and pink accents. The sides had road-like white broken lines. Her skirt was frilled with black, gray, white, red, and pink frills and fringes. Her stockings had pink, red, black, and white stripes. Her long snickers are pink with red soles, black tops, and white accents.


Minako is a very lovely, energetic and sporty girl who loves to play soccer. Which she also loves to play on gadgets, esp. IPhones. Minako owns a sports dojo with her family. She still loves to play football with other friends. Possessing a sunny disposition, she was referred to by her racing team as "Haruka no Carnival" for her belief in miracles.

Unyielding to the point of obstinance and always full of confidence, she confronts all obstacles without hesitation. She is often seen flipping a RPM coin for good luck. When it becomes rusted, Minako crosses paths with his former mentor, Doctor Kris who aids her by reminding her that a miracle takes more than one person to make by herself. She is very protective of her teammates. After the final battle, Minako returns to racing from the racing circuit, she has to start from the bottom as a go-kart driver.

Minako, along with Aosora Nami and Hikaru Rina are terrable in class. On the other hand, Midorigawa Yuriko and the Enaji twins had terrable it is. While Kurohane Eren and Kuraidendo Tenaya (becoming an adopted sister of Eren since episode 13) are the smartest Cures at class. She was still at her grades are F and G. But her favorite is Soccer and Football, depsite for her Cure ego.


The Three Grand Prix

In the Enjin Cidet command center, they detect the bio signal coming from the car. They conclude the car is carrying not one human and not even two humans, but one and a half. Yuriko accidentally presses the button on a disk, setting off the timer for the detonator. A sudden jerk makes the disk fly to the back of the car. As Yuriko tries to hurriedly grab the disk to throw out the car, the young girls, which are twins tells Yuriko to call Enaji Kinri and Enaji Ginri. Kinri tells Yuriko to hold on and Ginri stops the car letting the disk fly into the barricade, opening a hole for them to the city. But Doctor Kris, a voice coming from a computer, orders the General to open the city gates. Yuriko, Kinri, and Ginri make it in safely, but so do an army of Venjix.

Virus sends a “Generation 12″ attack robot to attack the vulnerable city. As Venjix and the robot arrive within the dome, however, Minako, along with Aosora Nami and Hikaru Rina, the three we meet at the beginning of the episode. They transform into Pretty Cure. As a fight ensues between the Rangers and Virus' forces, Yuriko, Kinri, and Ginri view the battle from Kinri's car. After the three Cures defeat the Venjix they make there way to the Attack Bot. While they deploy their primary weaponry.PCRPM01

A Mysterious Eren

Her Death


Cure Kick

"Mach Full Force! Cure Kick!"
Mahha Zenkai!! Kyua Kiku!

Cure Kick (キュアキク Kyua Kiku?) is Minako's cure ego. She represented the eagle.

Overdrive Kick

"Miracle Full Force! Overdrive Kick!"
Kiseki Zenkai! Obadoraibu Kiku!

Overdrive Kick (オバドアイブキク Obadoraibu Kiku?) is the super form of Minako in episode 47.

Electric Kick

"Magical Full Force of Love! Electric Kick!"
Ai mahou Zenkai! Eretoriku Kiku!

Electric Kick (エッエトリクキク Eretoriku Kiku?) is the another super form of Minako in Pretty Cure RPM: Dendo Yuni no Mamoru. She performs her attack Sparkling Cyber (スパクリングーサイバ Supakuringu Saiba?) against the Armada.

Electrical Overdrive Hyper Cure Kick

"Magical Full Force of Love! The Cyber of the Powerful Technology! Electrical Overdrive Hyper Cure Kick!"
Ai mahou no Zenkai! Chikara dendo no Gijutsu! Ereturikaru Obadoraibu Haipa Kyua Kiku!

Electrical Overdrive Hyper Cure Kick (エレツリカルオバドライブハイパキュアキク Ereturikaru Obadoraibu Haipa Kyua Kiku?) is the extreme form of Minako in the final episode. She can destroy the Venjix Computer Network.


  • Kicking Flash- her first solo attack
  • Kicking Blaster- her second solo attack
  • Kicking Beam- her attack
  • Sparkling Kick- her second attack
  • Ultimate Kick- her upgrade attack
  • Shooting Kick- her finisher
  • Kicking Driver


Pretty Cure, Get it Gear!- is the transformation phrase of Minako. The transformation was in same process.

As Overdrive Kick, her transformation was same as Gokaiger's Timeranger. Her form was shining in a coral glow. She spins herself then her hair changes and her wings are appears. She speak her speech.




Haruka (春香 Haruka?)- Haru ( Haru?), means spring; Ka ( Ka?), means fragrance.

Minako (美奈子 Minako?)- Mi ( Mi?), means beauty; Na ( Na?), means drive, which it can fits in the season. Ko ( Ko?), means child or young.


  • Possible for Cure Kick's theme color being red. But her theme color was pink.
  • Minako is the first lead cure who had a karate dojo.
  • Minako is the first lead cure to have a pink hair and red eyes in civilian and cure form.
  • Minako is the first cure to have two theme colors, which is red and pink.
  • Kasagawa Ran was in the same colour. But these are very unfamilliar personality and appearance.
  • Minako is similar to Haruno Haruka:
    • Both are pink cures.
    • Both are energetic and cheerful personality.
    • Both had ombres in cure form (had in Overdrive form case).
    • Both had their same team-mates. (Minami and Kirara & Nami and Rina).
    • Both had possible allies. (Prince Kanata & General Hiro).
    • Both had same names. Haruno Haruka - Haruka Minako
    • Both are dreaming to each. (Haruka want to be a princess-Minako want to be a rider)
  • Minako is the fifth lead cure to had good at sports.
  • Minako was based on Esumi Sosuke / Go-On Red. Which there are leaders.
  • Minako is the second lead cure to have a three super forms. Following Aino Megumi.
  • Minako is the first lead cure to against the bullies.
  • Minako is the fourth lead cure to had a dark pink hair in civilian and light pink in cure form.
  • Minako is the only RPM Cure, to been have a gaining of powers.