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Harmonic PreCure♪
Harmonic Pretty Cure♪
Hāmonikku Purikyua♪
General Information
Created onApril 5, 2015
DirectorFujiwara Hibiki
WriterFujiwara Hibiki
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Hibiki TV
Opening SongSING IT! Harmonic Pretty Cure♪
Ending SongHappiness Carnival
Series Info
Genre(s)Magical Girls
Harmonic Pretty Cure♪ (ハーモニックプリキュア♪ Hāmonikku Purikyua♪?) is a main Pretty Cure series created by Fujiwara Hibiki. The main motifs of the series are Idols and Happiness.


Harmonic Pretty Cure♪ episodes

Pop…Rock…Jazz…Classical…The four types of music that four past Pretty Cure each represented separately. However, on the day of the full moon, SILENT invaded Melodia and broke the four legendary microphones that spread the music that the legendary warriors had used to overcome NOISE. Now without these microphones, SILENT spreads silence throughout Melodia which turned the citizens into stone. Except, little did SILENT know, two new born fairies escaped to Earth to find four new warriors who can be born to defeat SILENT if new microphones known as the Pretty Incomes can be created first.


Pretty Cure

  • Tanaka Kokoa (多中ここあ Tanaka Kokoa?) / Cure Pop (キュアポップ Kyua Poppu?)
    Voice Actress: Horie Yui
    Kokoa is the main protagonist and is a first year student at Yumeno Public Middle School. She has a happy-go-lucky and loud personality and has a passion for singing. She dislikes sweets, is pretty good with her studies and is a very kind girl, despite having no friends. Her alter ego is Cure Pop, the Cure of Pop Music. Her battle song is Joyful♥Pop.
  • Satou Wakana (佐藤わかな Satō Wakana?) / Cure Rock (キュアロック Kyua Rokku?)
    Voice Actress: Nonaka Ai
    Wakana is the other main protagonist and is a second year student at Yumeno Public Middle School. She has a caring personality who hates to lie and has a passion for writing music. She has an interest in fantasy stories, dislikes heights and is always heard singing along to rock songs. Her alter ego is Cure Rock, the Cure of Rock Music. Her battle song is Magical'n'Code.
  • Cure Jazz (キュアジャズ Kyua Jazu?)
    Voice Actress: Hayashibara Megumi
    Cure Jazz is a mysterious green Cure who appears before Cures Pop and Rock in episode 6 and says she'll reveal her real identity soon enough. Her battle song is Kiseki ~Jazzy Tune~.


  • Lala (ララ Rara?)
    Lala is one of the two mascots who fled from Melodia. She serves as Kokoa's mascot partner.
  • Lulu (ルル Ruru?)
    Lulu is one of the two mascots who fled from Melodia. She serves as Wakana's mascot partner.


  • Shizuka (シズカ Shizuka?)
    Shizuka is the princess of SILENT who is also the acting leader.
  • Icy (アイシー Aishī?)
    Icy is the first subordinate to battle the Cures who is cold-hearted and rude. She also dislikes being told what to do and dislikes Shizuka a lot.
  • Léger (レジェ Reje?)
    Léger is the second subordinate to battle the Cures who is naturally weak hearted but works hard for Shizuka so she would grant him eternal life.
  • Ebony (エボニー Ebonī?)
    Ebony is the third subordinate to battle the Cures who is always quiet, which she uses to her advantage of attacking the Cures in silence. She seems to always have a dark aura surrounding her and is the strongest of the generals.
  • Nuriel (ナーライル Nārairu?)
    A mysterious member of SILENT who is rumored to have been a member of NOISE. He also seems to know the Pretty Cures strengths and weaknesses and only appears before Shizuka and Pretty Cure.
  • Tranquilo (トランキーロ Torankīro?)
    The Tranquilo are the monsters of SILENT.

Supporting Characters

  • Tanaka Etsuko (多中悦子 Tanaka Etsuko?)
    Etsuko is Kokoa's mother and Masaru's wife. She has a beautiful smile and enjoys looking after her family. She seems to get all suspicious looking when she hears about Pretty Cure.
  • Tanaka Masaru (多中勝 Tanaka Masaru?)
    Masaru is Kokoa's father and Etsuko's husband. He is a lovable man and hardly gets angry, unless it involves Kokoa singing for eternity.
  • Satou Tarou (佐藤太郎 Satō Tarō?)
    Tarou is Wakana and Misako's father. He is a friendly man and very busy with work that he is hardly seen by daughters, unless they stay up late at night.
  • Satou Misako (佐藤みさこ Satō Misako?)
    Misako is Wakana's older sister who is a quiet university student studying to become a doctor. She can be quite clumsy and is very good at giving advice.
  • Itou Jade (伊藤ジェイド Itō Jeido?)
    Jade is an exchange student from England who never fails to make others laugh. She is a member of the school band, playing the saxophone, and is a very helpful girl. She loves food and can get jealous quite easily.
  • Itou Eriko (伊藤エリコ Itō Eriko?)
    Jade's grandma who looks after Jade while her parents are working in England.
  • Kobayashi Yuki (小林ゆうき Kobayashi Yūki?)
    Yuki is Kokoa's classmate who isn't the nicest person around.


  • Melodia (メロディーア Merodīa?) - The home land of Lala and Lulu.
  • Yumeno Public Middle School (夢野公立中学校 Yumeno Kōritsu Chūgakkō?) - The school that Kokoa and Wakana attend.


  • Pretty Income (プリティインカム Puriti Inkamu?) - The Pretty Income is a headpiece like device that can only be created when the chosen girl shows enough courage and hope to protect those around her. The Pretty Income is used as a microphone by the Cures so they can sing their battle song while battling SILENT.
  • Harmonic Brooch (ハーモニックブローチ Hāmonikku Burōchi?) - The Cure's transformation device which appears when the girls click on the button on the Pretty Income. The transformation phrase to activate the brooch so the girls can transform is, "Pretty Cure, Unlock My Rhythmic Heart!".
  • Legendary Microphones (伝説のマイク Densetsu no Maiku?) - The microphones that were used a long time ago by the past Pretty Cure who defeated NOISE. They were destroyed by SILENT and now has a successor known as the Pretty Income that the current Pretty Cure use.



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Pretty Cure All Stars United: Hikari no Chain! (映画プリキュアオールスターズユナイテッド:光のチェーン! Pretty Cure All Stars United: Chain of Light!?) - The first movie of the Pretty Cure All Stars United trilogy. The Harmonic Pretty Cure♪ characters (excluding Cure Jazz) will make their movie debut.


  • Harmonic Pretty Cure♪ is the first Pretty Cure series where the Cures have battle songs that they sing while fighting against the enemy. However, it is the second series after HappinessCharge Pretty Cure! where the Cures can sing songs during the battle.
  • Harmonic Pretty Cure♪ is the third Pretty Cure series to start off with two Pretty Cure after Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, Suite Pretty Cure♪ and HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!.
    • Coincidentally, Harmonic Pretty Cure♪ also adds two more Cures throughout the course of the season like the three series stated above.
  • The past organisation "NOISE" that was defeated by the past legendary Pretty Cure, is named after the main villain from Suite Pretty Cure♪.
  • Harmonic Pretty Cure♪ is the fourth season after Futari wa Pretty Cure, Fresh Pretty Cure! and HappinessCharge Pretty Cure! where the hairstyles are not as crazy as the other series.


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