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Hanabi Haretsu
破裂 ハナビ
Haretsu Hanabi
Personal Information
Birthday DateOctober 29, 1999
Hair ColorBlack (Hoshiko)

Pink (Cure Magic)

Eye ColorDark Brown (Hanabi)

Red (Cure Magic)

Alter EgoCure Magic
Theme ColorMagenta
Anime Information
SeasonEnchant! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceE!PC01

Haretsu Hanabi (破裂 ハナビ Haretsu Hanabi?) is the main protagonist and the lead cure in Enchant! Pretty Cure. Hanabi is a cheerful, funny, hyper 13 year old girl with a happy-go-lucky personality, but is also known for being short-tempered and even rude at times. She is said to be firm and sometimes shows off her sly and elegant sides. Due to her low patience, Hanabi often acts before thinking, but in the end everything ends happily for her. She is fond of and good at drawing, singing and cooking. She transforms into Cure Magic and her theme color is magenta.

Her catchphrase is Curse you! (ろっ! Ro~tsu!?).



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