Hareta Tsurai
Hareta Tsurai
辛い ハレタ
Tsurai Hareta
Personal Information
Hair ColorRed (Hareta)

Orange (Sun)

Eye ColorGreen (Hareta)

Orange (Sun)

RelativesYuki Tsurai (father)

Rei Tsurai(mother)

Alter EgoCure Sun
Theme ColorOrange
Anime Information
SeasonBeautiful Life Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceBLPC02
 Hareta Tsurai (辛い ハレタ Tsurai Hareta?) is one of the main cures in Beautiful Life Pretty Cure! She is a passionate girl, who will do anything for her softball team to win their matches. Her alter ego is Cure Sun (キュアサン Kyua San) and she controls the power of fire.


Hareta has red hair which she keeps down when not doing softball. When her hair is down, it comes to her shoulders. Her eyes are green. Her casual outfit is a light brown open vest, orange long sleeved dress shirt, jeans and red sneakers.

As Cure Sun, her outfit is the same as her Bad End alter ego, Bad End Sunny.


Hareta is a second year at Nanairogaoka Middle School, and is a member of the softball team. She likes teasing Mion about her girlish side and getting help with her Maths, English, Science and History by Rika. She accepts Rena into her friendship group, since she felt sorry for her. She doesn't like it when Miyu goes off and hangs out with Chie and the others, so she has a bit of a fight with her in one episode, leading up to not hanging around each other any more. She can get a bit selfish at times.

When she is Cure Sun, her fighting abilities come in handy for battles. She punches more then she kicks and uses her upgrade weapon, Sunshine Sceptre, as a softball bat. She is a very bad dodger and gets hurt a lot in battles for not paying attention to attacks.


Broken Friendship with Miyu

Becoming Cure Sun

Not working well with Cure Happiness before Cure Serenity is born

Fight with Miyu

Satan Kidnaps Cure Happiness



Cure Sun

"Flaming Fireball! Beautiful Flare, Cure Sun!"
"火の玉をフレーミング!美しいフレア、キュア サン!"
"Hinotama o furēmingu! Utsukushī furea, Kyua San!"

Cure Sun (キュア サン Kyua San?) is Hareta's pretty cure alter ego. She represents the power of fire.



Sun Flare

Sunshine Swing




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