Personal Information
Birthday DateUnknown
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorPink
RelativesQueen Smile (mother)
Smiley (sister)
Theme ColorPink/White
Anime Information
SeasonHappiness Pretty Cure
First AppearanceHaPC01

Happy (ハッピー Happi?) is the lead mascot of Happiness Pretty Cure. She is Egao's fairy partner, whose personality is similar to Egao's.


Happy is similar to Egao. She is playful and childish, and annoys Smiley a lot. She hates how Smiley is mature and acts know-it-all. She sometimes forget her mission, and thinks she went to the human world for fun, and Smiley needs to remind her all the time.


Before Series

Happy is Smiley's younger twin sister, born to Queen Smile. Happy is named after Happiness Land.


Happy (ハッピー) is named after Happy Land.


Queen Smile - Happy's mother.

Smiley - Happy's older twin sister.

Shiawase Egao - Happy's partner.


  • Happy and Smiley are one of those mascots who are siblings.
    • Happy and Smiley are also the first mascots to be twins.
  • Happy is also one of the mascots who can fly, along with Smiley.
  • Happy is the younger twin.
  • Happy is named after her home place, Happiness Land.
  • Happy shares her name with Cure Happy, Hoshizora Miyuki's alter ego.


Coming soon...

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