Happiness World Pretty Cure Vocal Album 1 ~Forever Smiling~ (ハピネスワールドプリキュアボーカルアルバム1〜いつまでも笑顔〜 Hapinesu Wārudo Purikyua Bōkaru Arubamu 1 〜Itsu made mo egao〜) is the first Happiness World Pretty Cure vocal album. It is released on July 17, 2014.

The album contains the opening and the first ending themes for the show, as well as the character songs featuring the voice actresses for Cure Bliss, Cure Delight and Cure Smile. There are songs that are also performed by Aya Ikeda and Hitomi Yoshida. There is also a song sung by the Thanatos Trio.


Track # Title Time
01 Ganbare! Happiness World Pretty Cure!
Ganbare! Hapinesu Wārudo Purikyua!
Performed by Aya Ikeda.
02 Romeo & Juliet
Romio & Jurietto
Performed by Minako Kotobuki.
03 Mysterious Fun
ミステリアス ファン
Misuteriasu Fan
Performed by Yūko Gibu.
04 Graceful Girl
Gurēsufuru Gāru
Performed by Yūko Minaguchi.
05 Pretty Cure Miracle
プリキュア ミラクル
Purikyua Mirakuru
Performed by Minako Kotobuki, Yūko Gibu and Yūko Minaguchi.
06 Kirakira ~LOVE GOES ON~
Kirakira ~LOVE GOES ON~
Performed by Aya Ikeda and Hitomi Yoshida.
07 Itsu made mo egao
Forever Smiling
Performed by Aya Ikeda and Hitomi Yoshida.
08 Thanatos Plan
Tanatosu Keikaku
Performed by Mayumi Gojo, Hiroshi Kamiya and Takahiro Mizushima.
09 Sanjo Kōfuku
Three Girls Happiness
Performed by Minako Kotobuki, Yūko Gibu and Yūko Minaguchi.
10 Egao no Sekai
笑顔 の 世界
World of Smiles
Performed by Hitomi Yoshida.

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