This is a list of Happiness Shine Precure! episodes.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Kurukuru mirakuru , kyua rakki tanjo!
Kurukuru Miracle, Cure Lucky is born!
While Pirate Queen talks about her conquring plan, Cure Crystal fights over a Saiark, as Gin is guiding it. on the other place, in Minami Kenzaki place, was also attacked by Sairak. Cure Crystal must to defeat Sairak fast , but after successfully beat Sairak , another Sairak appear. Minami also met with Aira, mascot of Jewel Town wants to look for his friend, Dia. Aira saved Minami from Sairak, when Sairak want attack Aira, Minami was transfrom into Cure Lucky for saved Aira. When Cure Lucky defeated Sairak, Cure Crystal came, but late! Sairak already disappear and she knows there is a new Cure. Aira was glad to meet with Dia, but Cure Crystal immediately went with Dia, and mentions that her name is "Cure Crystal".
02 Junsuina kokoro no kagayaki, kyua raito!
The pure heart radiance, cure light!
Ruri Yumesaki is a poor girl in the Jewelry Middle School. She was often bullied by his friends, she always saved by Ran. When school finished, Gin arrives at Jewelery Middle School and make trash Sairak. Cure Lucky almost lost, but when Ruri look Cure Lucky wants to lose because it she protect cure lucky from Sairak, was willing to protect the Cure Lucky and Aira give Ruri Cure Cards and Prism Mirror , then Ruri transfrom into Cure Light. but cure light do not know how to be cures, Cure Crystal came to help them.
03 Setsubun Matsuri
Setsubun Festival
It's almost Setsubun. Jewelery Middle School is busy in preparation of the bean-throwing. In the pirate, a poster of sushi rolls being flared. Quickly Crane come to Setsubun Festival, and she make Sushi Sairak. Cure Lucky and Cure Light fight together to defeat Sairak, but Cure Crystal just watching them. finally Cure Light can do attack named Lighting Tunder.
03 Dare?
Minami and Ruri started to wonder who 'Cure Crystal' is. At rest, Carne create "Lunch Box Sairak". In this known the weakness of Cure Lucky, that she liked the food sandwich, she can not beat Lunch Box Sairak. When Cure Crystal wants to help them, are prohibited by Dia. Aira was screaming, and emerged a bright light. when the light is gone, there is Prism Rod fall in Cure Lucky and Cure Light. they do a attack named Lucky Starlight Flash.