Hanasaku Chinatown (花咲チャイナタウン Hanasaku Chainataun, lit. Blooming Flower Chinatown) is the fictional setting in the fanseries Zodiac Pretty Cure! Daichi, Mizu, Taiyou, and Kaze live there.


Hanasaku Chinatown is similar to most real Chinatowns around the world. This town has many red traditional, Chinese-style buildings. At night, the lights in the building lights up and it has a very beautiful view. On weekends, The restaurant that Mizu's family own, The 12 Zodiacs, is usually crowded. Because families love to hang out there. On Chinese New Year, streets are not crowded and there are some 'barongsai' shows on day and night.

Notable buildings

  • The 12 Zodiacs
  • Hanasaku First Middle School

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