Hana Kotoba is one of the new Cures in the fan series Pure Mirage Pretty Cure!. She had joined Cherry, Daisy, and Sunny's class with a very mysterious personality. She later met a mascot and earned the ability of becoming a Pretty Cure.


Kotoba is almost a mix of all the other four Cures. She loves sports like Cherry, has a passion for shopping like Daisy, very shy and mysterious like Sunny, and can be upset at times like Rose. Not much else is known about her.


Past Ways

Even though Kotoba is mysterious, she has an interesting past. She has been a huge fan of Futari wa Pretty Cure and pretended she was Cure Black. When she was older, she watched more Pretty Cure seasons and pretended to be even more Cures. She then started to believe they were real when she saw monsters attacking the city Sakura. She says there was no tough times in her past besides these monsters

A Cure's First Transformation

Kotoba began to watch the attacking until four Cures appeared. She ran up to cheer on them, but did not notice she was about to be attacked. Just then, Jewel, a mascot, noticed Kotoba was qualified as Pretty Cure. Jewel turned into a Mirage Module and Kotoba noticed it was the same item these Pretty Cure owned. Kotoba quickly shouted the transformation phrase and transformed into Cure Nature Mirage. She quickly purified the monster and the others revealed their identities to be three of Kotoba's classmates, Cherry, Daisy, and Sunny, and high school student Rose. Kotoba was glad she had Pretty Cure friends and decided to be real life friends with them.

Cure Nature Mirage

"A newborn flower beginning to bloom, Cure Nature Mirage!"

咲く新生児花の始まり、 キュアネイチャーミラージュ!

Saku shinseiji hana no hajimari, Kyua Neichā Miraaju!

Cure Nature Mirage is Kotoba's alter ego. Much like her human form, she is also very mysterious without a reason of becoming a Cure.










  • Kotoba is the first green Cure at age of 13.

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