Kiken! Watashi no atarashī chikara de mirai o sukuu!
Happiness World Pretty Cure episode 01
"Danger! Save the future with my new powers!"
Air date February 9, 2014
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Opening Ganbare! Happiness World Pretty Cure!
Ending Egao no Sekai
Directed by Cure Happiness
Written by Cure Happiness
Danger! Save the future with my new powers! (危険!私の新しい力で未来を救う! Kiken! Watashi no atarashī chikara de mirai o sukuu!) is the first episode of Happiness World Pretty Cure. In this episode, Etsuko Mia meets Merry and becomes Cure Bliss, the first Pretty Cure to be born.


Mia meets Merry and founds out about the Pretty Cure legends and how they were frozen to stone. She becomes Cure Bliss after her wish to help Merry get her happiness back.


The episode starts off with Merry with in China, searches through crowds of people for a light that one of the new Pretty Cure is from there. She realises none live in China and goes to London, where she doesn't find any there either. Merry, who is now frustrated, transforms into her human form, Yamamoto Emi, and goes to Indonesia, where there also, is no Pretty Cure. In Italy, she senses a light of a Pretty Cure but it disappears as quickly as she sensed it. Running out of options, Emi goes to Japan, where the story starts.

In the Thanatos hideout, we see Mara bitterly staring at a map of Japan. She sighs and gets up from her seat, but bumps into Elah, who tells her to be more careful. Mara bitterly says she will and disappears, most likely going to Japan. Elah mutters that she never changes and sits down on a black sofa and stretches his legs out and relaxes.

Down in Hohoemu Academy, Mia walks past the library and sees Adelina Schneider leaning against a pole and reading. Mia shakes her head and wonders if she will ever stop reading, but keeps walking anyway. She walks past a pink mouse, which stops as Mia walks past. Mia sees it and almost screams but realises Merry is a mouse, not a rat. Mia gets down on her knees and asks Merry a.k.a Ms. Mouse, if she was lost, but Merry finally spoke and said she wasn't. Mia loses her balance on her knees somehow and falls backwards on her bum in fright.

Major Events


  • In the beginning, when Emi sensed the light of a Pretty Cure in Italy, it hinted that a Cure from Italy would probably be appearing later in the series.


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