Fashion club! Join, join please! is sixth episode of Heartcatch Pretty Cure New Generation.


Episode begins like previous episode ends with three cures coming together and old generation Pretty Cure started to talk about new generation. Next day in school Ellie tell Futaba and Sakura that fashion club need more members and asked them to join her and fashion club president Aikato Eria. They weren't sure because they didn't think they are interested in this kind of things but Ellie made them join at the end. Girls met Aikato Eria and found out why Ellie and Eria get a long so good. But even when they joined there weren't enough memebers and all four of them went to search for them. Eria finnaly found another girl that wanted to join but was to afraid to tell the truth. Kumoja appear and take her heart flower. When cures saw this they transformed and fight desetarian. At the end they defeated it with Pink, Yellow and White forte wave. Ellie returned heart flower to girl and she telled that she want to join fashion club. Ellie and Eria run went to search for more fashion club members and took girl, named Aria with them.


  • Hanasaki Futaba/Cure Lily
  • Samokoto Sakura/Cure Primrose
  • Ayanato Ellie/Cure Daisy
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi
  • Kurumi Erika
  • Myoudouin Itsuki
  • Tsukikage Yuri
  • Aikato Eria
  • Manimino Aria
  • Kumoja

Major events

  • Futaba and Sakura joined fashion club

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