Ellie 2

The birth of Cure Daisy is fifth episode of Heartcatch Pretty Cure New Generation.


Futaba, Sakura and Ellie were walking home from school. Ellie told Futaba and Sakura that she dreams about Pretty Cure a lot. Sakura and Futaba looked at each other, both thinking 'Is she maybe the third Pretty Cure?' At the same time, fairies were at Kaoruko's botanical garden. Bloom was sad because she is only one that doesn't have a partner. Flower and Rose told her that they are sure that she will found her partner soon. She was still sad, but when Futaba and Sakura came and told the fairies tha Ellie had a dreams about Pretty Cure. Bloom went to search for Ellie because she wanted to know if she is Pretty Cure. She found Ellie and was sure at the moment that she is the third Pretty Cure, but she couldn't talk to her because she was with another girl, Aikate Ruri. When Ruri finnaly left Bloom flew to Ellie and asked her to become Pretty Cure. Ellie wasn't sure. At the same time Futaba and Sakura found desetarian and started to fight it. Bloom noticed that desatarian is close and she flew there and Ellie ran after her and Bloom found out that Ruri's heart flower was stolen. Ellie wanted to help Pretty Cure and Bloom gived her the heart perfume and she transformed in Pretty Cure and gived herself Cure Daisy. She fought desatarian with Lily and Primrose and defeated it with White Forte Wave. She found out that she was right and that Lily and Primrose are Futaba and Sakura. Three Pretty Cures were finnaly together. Tsubomi, Erika, Itsuki and Yuri saw this and they went to Itsuki's house to talk about the new generation.


  • Hanasaki Futaba/Cure Lily
  • Samakoto Sakura/Cure Primrose
  • Ayanato Ellie/Cure Daisy
  • Hanasaki Kaoruko
  • Bloom
  • Flower
  • Rose
  • Aikate Ruri
  • Sarinna
  • Hanasaki Tsubomi
  • Kurumi Erika
  • Myoudouin Itsuki
  • Tsukikage Yuri

Major events

  • Ellie found out about Pretty Cure 
  • Ellie became Cure Daisy
  • Ellie used her attack White Forte Wave for the first time

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