The second Pretty Cure is here is third Heartcatch Pretty Cure New Generation episode. 


Futaba and Sakura were eating lunch, when suddenly Ellie appear there and join them. They were very happy when she heared something about fashion club and ran there to found out what is going on. Futaba and Sakura were talking about everyday things when Sakura suddenly said, that she had some dreams about Pretty Cure. Fairies were hidding in Futaba's bag and when they heard that they jump out the bag and Bloom said that she is right for Pretty Cure. Rose and Bloom started to fight and Sakura asked Futaba what's going on. She telled that they are Pretty Cure fairies and Rose and Bloom stoped fighting, because Rose wanted to scold Futaba for telling about Pretty Cure, when she looked at Sakura and suddenly stoped being angry. She suddenly asked Sakura to become Pretty Cure. Sakura wasn't sure what should she say. Latter when they were going home they didn't talk about Pretty Cure. Suddenly Flower and other fly there and telled that Sarinna stoled Heart Flower from one of the kids. Futaba transformed and fight Desatarian but is almost defeated. Sakura wanted to save her and Rose gived her Heart Perfume. Sakura transformed and gived herself name Cure Primrose. Together they fought desatarian and Primrose defeated it with Yellow Forte Wave. Bloom said that now she must find the partner too. 


  • Hanasaki Futaba/Cure Lily
  • Samokoto Sakura/Cure Primrose
  • Ayanato Ellie
  • Bloom
  • Rose
  • Flower
  • Sarinna


  • Myōdō Academy's Middle School
  • Basketball court

Major events

  • Sakura found out that Futaba is Cure Lily
  • Sakura became Cure Primrose
  • Sakura used her attack Yellow Forte Wave

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