Utau! Kanojo no kimochi ga utawa rete auto!
Heartbeat Pretty Cure! episode 05
Mackenzie (Civilian picture)
"Sing! Her Feelings Are Sung Out!"
Air date June 9, 2013
Episode Guide
Opening Yuujou no Change
Ending Mogyutto "LOVE" de Sekkin Chuu!
Directed by Cure Believe
Written by Cure Believe

Sing! Her Feelings Are Sung Out! (歌う!彼女の気持ちが歌われてアウト! Utau! Kanojo no kimochi ga utawa rete auto!?) is the fifth episode of Heartbeat Pretty Cure!, where Migaki becomes an idol after becoming inspired by one of the other Japan idols, Furā Makkenjī. The mascots later try to tell the Cures about their past.



Major Events

  • The girls meet idol Furā Makkenjī.
  • Migaki is inspired to become an idol as well.
    • She later does so, much to everyone's surprise.
  • Dry and Scorpion team up for the first time to summon a Saharan that shoots sound waves, eventually hurting Makkenjī and making her faint.
  • Pretty Cure Heartthrob Finale is performed for the first time.
  • The mascots try to tell the Cures they have a special past.


  • Furā Makkenjī is the romaji name for Cure Believe's real name, because this episode aired on her birthday! (Which is written last to first)
  • It is one of the few episodes where a real person is featured, this time it is the first idol and fourth person overall.
  • Makkenjī is heard singing three Pretty Cure character songs:
    • MOON ~moonlight~ ATTACK (original by Cure Moonlight)
    • Sm!le L!nk (original by Cure Melody)
    • Your Mirror (original by Cure Beauty)

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